Bruno De Angelis ‎– The Box

XBDA ‎– xbda002
CD, Album


1 Installer 1:20
2 Interference Pattern 4:43
3 Resonant Miniatures 2:45
4 Wires In Her Head 4:26
5 Definitely Plotinus 3:22
6 Macro White Space 2:44
7 Holy Fingers Strum 1:47
8 Rheumy-Eyed Mothers 3:31
9 Helophilus Pendulus 2:07
10 Consumed From Within 3:35
11 Aquababies 2:03
12 Trembling Skin Dusk 2:58
13 Comatose Vision 4:06
14 Vast Sticky Flytrap 2:27


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May 5, 2011

Where Bruno's work as Mana Erg is complex, layered and very 'musical', his occasional foray into solo work allows him to experiment with pure sound rather than as part of a multi-level composition. "The Box" moves things forward for him from previous releases - and the minimal approach allows single sounds to develop their own complexity. There is structure here, albeit skeletal, often discordant and stark, yet cycles and micro changes occur within fx'd rhythmic patterns. Where the likes of Autechre have reached a point where complexity is everything, and bucket-loads of notes scatter like scree in a landslide, Bruno's minimal work allows the listener to admire every crystalline formation, every desert rose cluster. Here and there he's almost lured back into the compositional style of Mana Erg, but these glimpses are few, tethered and controlled. Take time to appreciate the beauty of sound.