Bryan Lewis Saunders ‎– The Confessor

Stand-Up Tragedy Records ‎– SUT-13
12 × Cassette, Limited Edition



Limited to 33 copies. Signed and Numbered.

"The Confessor" includes one each of the following:
1- Unique vintage suitcase
2- New in box walkman
3- Unused vintage linen postcard of the John Sevier Hotel
4- Blank John Sevier Center stationary
5- Project description and letter of thanks
6- Notification/newsletter from the John Sevier Center (where the vocal recordings took place)

Liner Notes by Bryan Lewis Saunders (excerpt):
For the last 7 years or so I've been recording my dreams and sleep talking on audio cassette. I call the transcriptions of this dialog, the "Stream of Unconsciousness (narrative mode)" as I don't remember having said any of it once I awake. All of the dialog is from my unconscious. Some of my friends from around the world have made music with these dreams. These dreams have then been combined to form an epic poem aptly titled, "The Confessor". "The Confessor" is an eleven hour book on tape with 24 album/chapters on (12) audio cassettes. These dreams all took place during a 30 day period at my residence in the John Sevier Center in Johnson City, Tennessee. My actual apartment is circled on the vintage linen postcards included. The building is well known in itself as it used to be the famous John Sevier Hotel but has since been turned into low income housing.
Everything included with "The Confessor" implies physical bodily travel: the book on tape, mini suitcase, postcard, stationary, walkman etc. However, the book itself is pure mental travel. A unique journey into the unconscious mind. When one listens to the book in its entirety in one sitting, the listener experiences an entirely new state of consciousness, and what I have termed as an 'out of mind' experience. This eleven hour journey may seem daunting, but it is well worth the effort.