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April 6, 2014
referencing Evenin', 12", SM026

This is a lovely record - well worth having around the deep house collection. It has this great laid back melody, drum pattern and funky "uh.. ah huh" vocal occasionally bobbling around - Its all about context with this stuff - the west coast sound just seems to make so much more sense on long lazy, sunny afternoons.. (or something like how that song goes) and I think DJ Buck is one of the best examples of the west coast US sound - the California Balearic. Now I know its out of favour at present, but I genuinely believe that although long forgotten by many (and there was some boring dross about in this sub-genre) and before the time of others, it has its place, I for one am keeping this EP on the back burner for when the time is right, that Saturday afternoon when the cocktails are washing away the bleary Friday night hangovers and the sun is fading over a dust bowl.. then, and perhaps only then people will click..actually DJ buck was on to something with that sound of his, and the floors will once again slowly start to fill - after a few chords this undulating bass line starts pulsating - bop your head and groove - as DiY might say (and cornered the market with in fact) - strictly for groovers.