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A1 Hanging Out At The Water Cooler With A Giant Erection
A2 Pound Of Flesh
A3 Continence Takes A Holiday
A4 Show Tune
B1 I'm Obsessed With My Looks
B2 Misty Mountain Bunny Hop
B3 Dee Dee Ramone Has Not Left The Building


TPOS 056 is essentially a catalogue place-holder for all live Bunny Brains recordings featuring Malcolm Tent, TPOS label owner.

The goal of this was to build enough material to release a 24-hour set housed in a miniature suitcase (as a homage to Throbbing Gristle's 24-Hour Tape box set). This goal was never fulfilled but many individual cassettes were made and sold separately - each with the same TPOS 056 catalogue number. TPOS 056 was initiated on 11th October 1990 and features performances from 1989 through to 1996.

The Bunny Brains were prolific live performers and as such many different live tapes exist (all having the same catalogue number). Each tape came in a hand-made sleeve and track listings differed significantly between performances.

In selecting a cassette for release, a master recording is randomly selected for duplication. A copy is made and then randomly assigned artwork. Neither the purchaser nor the seller know exactly what the finished product will contain.

Using material from TPOS's own achives this contributor has found the following Bunny Brains live tapes [listed chronologically], although it must be stressed that others do exist that are not in the TPOS archive. Some have rough titles while many others do not:

Acoustic Bob Griese from around 1989 [exact date unknown]
Live 9 February 1989 [location unknown]
live in Port Chester: 22 June 1989
Guaranteed : Live on WBRS-FM, Waltham, MA, 12 July 1989
Live at Trash American Style, Danbury, CT, 3 September 1989
Live at The Anthrax Club, CT, 30 December 1989
Live at The Ozone, New Haven, CT, 5 January 1990
Love Will Tear Us Apart : Live 9 March 1990 [location unknown]
In The Barn : Live at the P.O.E. Barn, Southbury, CT, 26 July 1990
Live at Myndi's, 18 August 1990 [location unknown]
We Will Never Run Out Of Monsters : Live at the S.U.N.Y. 24 hour noise fest, 20 October 1990
Live Again : Live at The Bank Street Movie Theatre, New Milford, CT, 22 October 1990
Live 8 November 1990 [location unknown]
Bunny Brains At The Moon :Live 19 November 1990 [location unknown]
At Your Birthday Party : Live at "Grippies Birthday Party" 26 December 1990 [location unknown]
Live at NYU, NY, 7 February 1991
Freak Baby : Live at The Ozone, New Haven, CT, 27 April 1991
Live in Danbury, CT, 30 May 1991 [venue unknown]
Live at Broadwalk Teen Disc, Brewster, NY, 30 June 1991
Live at The Night Breed, Norwalk, CT, 11 July 1991
Censor The Moon : Live 24 July 1991 [location unknown]
Handy Pocket Calender : Live at The Chicken Coop, Danbury, CT, 10 August 1991
Smell The Magic And Rub It All Over Yourself : Live 22 August 1991 [location unknown]
Wild Weekend Part One : Live at The Sorority Sisters Bash, CT, 26 September 1991
Candlewood : Live at The Candlewood Inn [location unknown], 5 December 1991
Live 14 December 1991 [location unknown]
Live 5 February 1992 [location unknown]
Live 16 February 1992 [location unknown]
Live at Western Connecticut State University, CT, 7 March 1992
Live on WXCI, Danbury, CT, 11 April 1992
Easer : Live at TK's American Butcher Cafe [location unknown], 20 April 1992
New Haven Peace And Love Festival : Live in New Haven, CT, 30 April 1992
Live at Tuxedo Junction, Danbury, CT, 2 July 1992
Live at Grange Hall, Litchfield, CT, 10 July 1992
Legend Of The Mealbots : Live at The Beat, Porchester, NY, 14 August 1992
Lounge Act : Live WRTC, Hartford, CT, 18 August 1992
Live on WPKN FM89.5 on 20 September 1992
Beantry : Live 9 October 1992 [location unknown]
Live at Tuxedo Junction, Danbury, CT, 11 November 1992
Live in Danbury, CT, 4 January 1993 [location unknown]
Live at The Boiler Room, New Britain, CT, 29 January 1993
Live at Foxes, North Salem, NY, 27 February 1993
The Truth About : Live at The Purple Gator, Torrington, CT, 24 April 1993
Live 19 July 1993 [location unknown]
Live at TK's Punk Rock Cafe, Danbury, CT, 5 September 1993
Meat Market Pictures : Live at Tom Sawyer's (unsuspecting) Pub, Newton, CT, 13 January 1994
Japanese Novelty : Live at The Flying Squirrel, Danbury, CT, 7 March 1994
Live at CBGB, NY, 27 March 1994
Live at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA, 19 April 1996
Live at Nick's, Philadelphia, PA, 20 April 1996
Live at Tuxedo Junction, Danbury, CT, 9 May 1996
Live at The Cooler, New York, NY, 6 June 1996
Live at The Khyber Pass, Philadelphia, PA, 15 August 1996
Live at The Cooler, New York, NY, 17 October 1996

Malcolm Tent (TPOS label owner) - as part of the notes accompanying TPOS100 - describes this release as follows:
"When Bob Bunny and I formed the Bunny Brains in 1989 we never dreamed it would come to this. Modeled after Throbbing Gristle's 24 Hour suitcase full of tapes, TPOS 056 is a comprehensive document of every live show I ever played with the BUNNIES. (Those that were taped anyway. Most of them were). Some great, some awful, but all were put before the public and destined to remain in the public arena."

The track listing on this release page represents the performance dated 11/11/92 at Tuxedo Junction, Danbury, CT.

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