CPUWAR vs. Pisstank ‎– Kool Pop Trash Series Vol. 1

kool.POP ‎– POP12.004
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM


A1 CPUWAR I've Got Nil
A2 CPUWAR Mrrdr Drums
A3 CPUWAR Analog Kill
A4 CPUWAR Schizophrenetic
B1 Pisstank Beat Me Daddy (Eight To The Bar)
B2 Pisstank Twatstep
B3 Pisstank Boredoms
B4 Pisstank Loops
B5 Pisstank Yeah, Right
B6 Pisstank Retard Spoilage
B7 Pisstank I Killem, You Fuckem
B8 Pisstank P.tank Vs. Mechagodzilla



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September 22, 2005
edited over 11 years ago

Doesn't get much better than this. Both artists turn out some abrasive stuff here. This is breakcore personified... just wild, distorted and frantic, stuff to go nuts to.
I especially like CPUWAR's track Schizophrenetic. It uses samples of Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys where he's talking about doctors creating a model of his mind and predicting his thoughts and then just goes into straight up noise, puncuated by rapid fire bursts of breaks. Not much in the way of structure, but one of those tracks where you just sit back and let the onslaught hit you.
Pisstank does a few tracks that are more danceable/mixable, still nice and abrasive though. If you can, check out the Zod Mix 1 tape... there's like 3 or 4 tracks from this record used on it.
Of all the great records that have been release on the Kool.pop label, this one is easily the best IMO.