CSMD ‎– Vs. The World (2nd Edition)

R.O.N.F. Records ‎– RNF-012
CDr, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered

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1 Intro
2 Surf & Destroy
Split Ep With The Gerogerigegege (2001)
3 Bzzzzz / Your Band Reminds Me / Youre A Fucn Freak / Zombie Flesh Cannibal / Fur Cunt / Episch Drama / Decompressie In Je Zweetnaad / Stoned / Everybody Is A Racist / Arseworm Lovecal / Being Straight Edge (Is Fucking Scary!!!) / Godzilla Freaks Out / Re-Build The Planet Of The Apes
Split Ep With Drunken Orgy Of Destruction (2002)
4 Intro-King Kong
5 The Greatest Thing Ever Happened (Is That Some Punk Shot John Lennon)
6 Whats That On Your Hand?
7 Foxy Strot Rot
8 Destroy Israel
9 Religion = AIDS (Use A Fucn Condom!)
10 Mushroom Delirious Noise Attack
11 Rock Is Here To Stay
12 Rock E Roll
13 Youth Crew = Boy Bands And Sissy Music!!!!
14 Asses Wiggelin
Written-By – DJ Assault
15 Dyonko Dyonko All Night Long
16 Ghetto Apes Theme
17 Attitude
Split Tape With Pile Of Eggs (2000)
18 Crowd Surfers Must Die / When You Think Ist Tough & Cool To Be A Gangster You Must Die / If You Don’t Like Sci Fi You Must Die / If You Don’t Like Pussy You Must Die / Bruce Willis Must Die / People That Think 60’s And 70’s Music Is Cool Must Die / Get Fucked Cunt! / Luke Skywalker Must Die / Macho Toughcore Idiots Must Die…Goes We Are Tougher / Mc Donald Employees Must Die / Merlyn Manson Must Die / Hippie Lovers Must Die / Religious People Must Die / Fake Core Assholes Like Bad Religion Must Die / Everybody Must Die / If You Don’t Understand This Music You Must Die / French Champagne Drinkers Must Die / If You Don’t Like Zombie Gang Bang You Must Die / You Look Like A Hippie…You Must Die / Life Is Hard And It Sucks Realy Bad… And At The End You Must Die / Rip Off’s Must Die! / Politicians Must Die / The Human Race Must Die / All Enemys Of Godzilla Must Die / I Scream Harder So You Must Die / Alcohol Free Beerdrinkers Must Die / You Wear A Cap…You Must Die / Shiny Happy People Must Die / The Doctor Said: This Worm Infection In Your Analtube Must Die / Do I Have To Die?... YES! You Must Die! / Asshole Fuck Ups Must Die / Commercial Music Must Die / Bananasplit / If You Aint Into Lesbian Sex…You Must Die / (Like Linda) Paul Mc Cartny Must Die / Beer Spillers Must Die / Clans Man Idiot Must Die / Rock Stars Must Die / Club = Kut! / Very Old People Must Die / Try Hards Must Die / Hippies Must Die / Corpse Fucking Idiots Must Die / Square Dancers Must Die / If You Don’t Like ROTGUT…You Must Die / The Bitch Must Die / When You Think Youre From The Streets You Must Die / If You Don’t Like Star Wars You Must Die / God = A Paedophile…He Must Die / Rabbi Must Die / You Have A Chain On Your Walled…You Must Die / ….? (Put Your Best Friends Name Here) Must Die! / When The Time Is Right, We All Die / Youre Band Must Die / Explode In Shit… And You Will Die / Cock Rock Shit Fock / Roskilde Fetival Was Great This Year (More Dead Crowd Surfers Next Year I Hope) / Poep / Pis / Colostomy Party Bag / Analtube Submarine / Having Songtitels With Noisecore Is Stupid / Fist Fucking Rockstar / Vomit Upon You / Make Noise (And Smell Your Mums Pantys) / The Blood Of Da Beast / Gamera In Action / Attack Of The Chop Chop Monster / Vomit Rock Anthem / I Drink Your Blood And I Eat Your Shit / GO APE! / Humanoids From The Deep-Outro
19 Lets Dance (Live In Amsterdam 1999)
Split Ep With Sloth (2004)
20 Search For The Holy Grale Of Rock / Join The Army And Get Assfucked / David Bowel & Cindy Lepper / Metal Runs Through The Blood / Er Zit Een Monster Onder Je Bed
21 Intro
I'm Going Ape #1 Compilation 7”Ep (2005)
22 *Rock E Roll / *We Will Fucking Destroy You / *Balata Bubu / Invasion Of The Thrashcore Clones / The Human Race Can Eat My Banana / Distroy All Commercial Monsters / Noisecore Returns / Fuck Your Country, Fuck Your Culture, Fuck Your Nationality!!! / Monster Island Gang Bang / Destroyers Of Everything Emo & Melo / Looking Punk Is Trendy / Tyranosaurussex / Jimi Hendrix Aint Nothing Compared To Me And My Airgitar!


  • Bass, Vocals, Drums [Some Tracks]Noiseape
  • Drums, Guitar [Sometimes]Judge (2)


Track 3 recording was previously included on Hiroshi Itsuki / CSMD - Live In USA - Las Vegas Show Time / At The Club EP.
Track 19 was recorded live in Amsterdam.
Track 22: Songs marked with * were previously unreleased.
Numbered out of of 75 copies.

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