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Trax From Split 7"Ep With The Gerogerigegege (2000)
1 Bzzz / Your Band Reminds Me / You're A Fuckn Freak / Zombie-Flesh Cannibal / Fur Cunt / Episch Drama / Decompressie In Je Zweetnaad / Stoned / Everybody Is A Racist / Arseworm Love Call / Being Straight Edge (Is Fucking Scary) / Godzilla Freaks Out / Re-Build The Planet Of The Apes
2 Noiserock (Unreleased)
Trax From Split 7"Ep With Drunken Orgy Of Destruction (2003)
3 Intro - King Kong
4 The Greatest Thing Ever Happened (Is That Some Punk Shot John Lennon)
5 Whats That On Your Hand?
6 Foxy Strot Rot
7 Destroy Israel
8 Religion = AIDS (Use A Fucn Condom)
9 Mushroom Delerious Noise Attack
10 Rock Is Here To Stay
11 Rock'e'Roll
12 Youth Crew = Boy Bands And Sissy Music!!!!
13 Asses Wiggelin
14 Dyonko Dyonko All Night Long
15 Ghetto Apes Theme
16 Attitude
Trax From Split Tape With Pile Of Eggs (2000)
17 Crowd Surfers Must Die / When You Think Its Tough & Cool To Be A Gangster You Must Die / If You Don’t Like Sci Fi You Must Die / If You Don’t Like Pussy You Must Die / Bruce Willis Must Die / People That Think 60’s And 70’s Music Is Cool Must Die / Get Fucked Cunt! / Luke Skywalker Must Die / Macho Toughcore Idiots Must Die…Goes We Are Tougher / Mc Donald Employees Must Die / Merlyn Manson Must Die / Hippie Lovers Must Die / Religious People Must Die / Fake Core Assholes Like Bad Religion Must Die / Everybody Must Die / If You Don’t Understand This Music You Must Die / French Champagne Drinkers Must Die / If You Don’t Like Zombie Gang Bang You Must Die / You Look Like A Hippie…You Must Die / Life Is Hard And It Sucks Realy Bad…And At The End You Must Die / Rip Off’s Must Die! / Politicians Must Die / The Human Race Must Die / All Enemys Of Godzilla Must Die / I Scream Harder So You Must Die / Alcohol Free Beerdrinkers Must Die / You Wear A Cap…You Must Die / Shiny Happy People Must Die / The Doctor Said:This Worm Infection In Your Analtube Must Die / Do I Have To Die?...YES! You Must Die! / Asshole Fuck Ups Must Die / Commercial Music Must Die / Bananasplit / If You Aint Into Lesbian Sex…You Must Die / (Like Linda)Paul Mc Cartny Must Die / Beer Spillers Must Die / Clans Man Idiot Must Die / Rock Stars Must Die / Club=Kut! / Very Old People Must Die / Try Hards Must Die / Hippies Must Die / Corpse Fucking Idiots Must Die / Square Dancers Must Die / If You Don’t Like ROTGUT…You Must Die / The Bitch Must Die / When You Think Youre From The Streets You Must Die / If You Don’t Like Star Wars You Must Die / God=A Paedophile…He Must Die / Rabbi Must Die / You Have A Chain On Your Walled…You Must Die / ….? (Put Your Best Friends Name Here)Must Die! / When The Time Is Right,We All Die / Youre Band Must Die / Explode In Shit…And You Will Die / Cock Rock Shit Fock / Roskilde Fetival Was Great This Year(More Dead Crowd Surfers Next Year I Hope)Poep / Pis / Colostomy Party Bag / Analtube Submarine / Having Songtitels With Noisecore Is Stupid / Fist Fucking Rockstar / Vomit Upon You / Make Noise (And Smell Your Mums Pantys) / The Blood Of Da Beast / Gamera In Action / Attack Of The Chop Chop Monster / Vomit Rock Anthem / I Drink Your Blood And I Eat Your Shit / GO APE!
18 Schut Je Kut (Unreleased)


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