Cannibe / Septic Autopsy / Infected Gastroenteritis ‎– 3 Ways Of Infected Autopsy Into The Cannibalism

Emocaust Records ‎– ECR9
CDr, Limited Edition, Numbered


1 Cannibe Untitled (Live)
2 Cannibe Untitled (Live)
3 Cannibe Untitled (Live)
4 Cannibe Intravenous Molestation Of Obstructionist Arteries (Haemorrhage Cover) (Live)
5 Cannibe Untitled (Live)
6 Cannibe Untitled (Live)
7 Cannibe Untitled (Live)
8 Septic Autopsy Failed Excision Of A Malignant Intra-Abdominal Abscess
9 Septic Autopsy Dislocation And Snapping Of The Undeveloped Spine And Spinal Cord
10 Septic Autopsy Scientifically Engineered Neural / Glial Cells
11 Septic Autopsy Strict Disinfection With Quarantining Practices Imposed Upon Prosthetic Organ Valves
12 Septic Autopsy Last Minute Radical Emergency Esophagectomy Procedure
13 Septic Autopsy Same-Site Re-Operation Due To A Post Operative Failure
14 Septic Autopsy Congealed And Crustyfying Nasal Mucosa
15 Septic Autopsy Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy Of Severely Malformed Ovaries
16 Septic Autopsy Cystic Tissue Rot Eruption With The Ever Fattering Larva
17 Infected Gastroenteritis My Cock Is Full Of Maggots Cause I Raped Her Dead Corpse
18 Infected Gastroenteritis Surviving Like A Parasite
19 Infected Gastroenteritis Burn The Human Trash
20 Infected Gastroenteritis Romantic Necrophiliac Desires
21 Infected Gastroenteritis Delicious Chemicals
22 Infected Gastroenteritis We Will Get All The Bitches
23 Infected Gastroenteritis My Cock Is Full Of Maggots Cause I Raped Her Dead Corpse
24 Infected Gastroenteritis Warm Vaginal Fluids In My Face
25 Infected Gastroenteritis Sewing Up The Abdominal Rupture For The Succesive Acts Of Degradation (Last Days Of Humanity Cover))


Limited to 75 hand-numbered copies.