Cantabile ‎– Town & Gown

Plant Life ‎– PLR 047
Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo


A1 THE SALUTATION - The Royal Visit (Harington) 1:10
A2 The Arrival at Bath (Harington) 1:20
A3 Glee for the Bath Harmonic Society (Harington) 0:40
A4 THE CATCH CLUB - Let the Sparkling Wine Go Round (Rock) 2:20
A5 Buz, Quoth the Blue Fly (Arne) 1:25
A6 Laughing (Harington) 1:30
A7 Quartetto - Ode to the Memory of Italian Virtuosi (Harington) 3:20
A8 Bacchus To Thee Alone (Dixon) 3:50
A9 Under the Greenwood Tree, A ROUNDELAY in Canon (Harington) 0:40
A10 The Vampire (Hayes) 3:10
A11 Chloe at Cock's Auction (Hayes) 1:40
A12 A Yawning Catch to Affect the Company With (Harington) 1:25
B1 THE PLEASURES OF THE FIELD - Hail Smiling Morn (Spofforth) 1:55
B2 Catch, Street Cry on Good Friday (Dixon) 1:00
B3 Puntin' (trad. arr Cantabile) 2:20
B4 Foresters Sound the Cheerful Horn (Bishop) 1:40
B5 Only (trad. arr Gillaspie) 1:40
B6 THE JOYS OF CUPID - Celia's Charms (Webbe) 1:40
B7 Ah How Sophia, or A House on Fire (Callcott) 1:30
B8 The Kiss (Wright) 1:55
B9 Go Idle Boy (Callcott) 2:30
B10 THE VALEDICTORY - To a Young Lady Upon the Author's Leaving Bath (P Hayes) 2:20
B11 Are the White Hours For Ever Fled (Callcott) 3:05