Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band / Zappa* ‎– Commemorative Set 1972 - 1975 [With Bonus]

13 × CDr, Album
DVDr, Compilation
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered


Captain Beefheart - Knebworth Park - July 5th 1975
CDr1-1 Moonlight On Vermont
CDr1-2 Abba Zaba
CDr1-3 Band Introduction
CDr1-4 Orange Claw Hammer
CDr1-5 Dali's Car
CDr1-6 When It Blows Its Stacks
CDr1-7 My Human Gets Me Blues
CDr1-8 Alice In Blunderland
CDr1-9 Beatle Bones 'N Smokin' Stones
CDr1-10 Gimme Dat Harp Boy
CDr1-11 Electricity
CDr1-12 I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby
CDr1-13 Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top
CDr1-14 Improvisation
CDr1-15 Big Eyed Beans From Venus
Captain Beefheart - The Royal Albert Hall 27-3-1972 Part1
CDr2-1 Bass Solo - Hair Pie
CDr2-2 When It Blows Its Stacks
CDr2-3 Click Clack
CDr2-4 Grow Fins
CDr2-5 Hobo Chang Ba [Instrumental]
CDr2-6 Peon
CDr2-7 Abba Zaba
CDr2-8 Alice In Blunderland
Captain Beefheart - The Royal Albert Hall 27-3-1972 Part2
CDr3-1 Bass Solo
CDr3-2 Spitball Scalped Uh Baby
CDr3-3 Encore: My Human Gets Me Blues
CDr3-4 Encore: Steal Softly Thru Snow [Inst]
CDr3-5 Encore: Golden Birdies
Captain Beefheart - The Dome Brighton 29-3-1972
CDr4-1 Bass Solo
CDr4-2 When It Blows Its Stacks
CDr4-3 Click Clack
CDr4-4 Grow Fins
CDr4-5 Hobo Chang Ba [Inst]
CDr4-6 I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby
CDr4-7 Old Black Snake
CDr4-8 Peon
CDr4-9 Abba Zaba
CDr4-10 Woe Is Uh Me Bop
CDr4-11 Alice In Blunderland
CDr4-12 More
CDr4-13 Bass Solo [Alt Version]
CDr4-14 My Human Gets Me Blues
CDr4-15 Steal Softly Thru Snow
CDr4-16 Spitball Scalped Uh Baby
CDr4-17 Golden Birdies
Captain Beefheart - Free Trade Hall Manchester 1-4-1972
CDr5-1 Bass Solo
CDr5-2 When It Blows Its Stacks
CDr5-3 Click Clack
CDr5-4 Grow Fins
CDr5-5 Hobo Chang Ba [Inst]
CDr5-6 I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby
CDr5-7 Old Black Snake
CDr5-8 Peon
CDr5-9 Abba Zaba
CDr5-10 Woe Is Uh Me Bop
CDr5-11 Alice In Blunderland
CDr5-12 Spitball Scalped Uh Baby
CDr5-13 My Human Gets Me Blues
CDr5-14 Steal Softly Thru Snow
CDr5-15 Golden Birdies
Captain Beefheart - Bataclan Paris 15-4-1972
CDr6-1 Bass Solo
CDr6-2 Alice In Blunderland
CDr6-3 Abba Zaba
CDr6-4 Click Clack
CDr6-5 My Human Gets Me Blues
CDr6-6 I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby
CDr6-7 Golden Birdies
Captain Beefheart - New Victoria Theatre - London 14-1-1975
CDr7-1 Moonlight On Vermont
CDr7-2 Abba Zaba
CDr7-3 When It Blows Its Stacks / My Human Gets Me Blues
CDr7-4 Alice In Blunderland
CDr7-5 Natchez Burnin'
CDr7-6 Beatle Bones 'N Smokin' Stones
CDr7-7 Improv Drumbo's Tap Dance
CDr7-8 Poofter's Froth Wyoming
CDr7-9 Electricity
CDr7-10 Golden Birdies
CDr7-11 Encore: Big Eyed Beans From Venus
Captain Beefheart - Copenhagen 31-10-1975
CDr8-1 Moonlight On Vermont
CDr8-2 Abba Zaba
CDr8-3 Orange Claw Hammer
CDr8-4 Dali's Car
CDr8-5 When It Blows Its Stacks
CDr8-6 My Human Gets Me Blues
CDr8-7 Band Introductions
CDr8-8 Alice In Blunderland
CDr8-9 Natchez Burnin'
CDr8-10 Beatle Bones 'N Smokin' Stones
CDr8-11 Drumbo's Tap Dance
CDr8-12 Poofter's Froth Wyoming
CDr8-13 Electricity
CDr8-14 Golden Birdies
CDr8-15 Big Eyed Beans From Venus
Captain Beefheart - Locarno Portsmouth 1-12-1975
CDr9-1 Deserts Of Time (Poem - Intro)
CDr9-2 Moonlight On Vermont
CDr9-3 Old Black Snake (Acapella)
CDr9-4 Abba Zaba
CDr9-5 Beatle Bones 'N Smokin' Stones
CDr9-6 Poofter's Froth Wyoming
CDr9-7 Band Introductions
CDr9-8 Dali's Car
CDr9-9 When It Blows Its Stacks
CDr9-10 My Human Gets Me Blues
CDr9-11 Alice In Blunderland
CDr9-12 Natchez Burnin'
CDr9-13 Sax & Drum Duet
CDr9-14 Electricity
CDr9-15 Golden Birdies
DVDr: Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band
DVDr1-1 'Rome Goes Pop' - 1968
DVDr1-2 Cannes Beach - 1968
DVDr1-3 Beat Club - German TV - 1972
DVDr1-4 Old Grey Whistle Test - 1973
Zappa/MOI - Bath Festival Of Blues And Progressive Music 1970
CDr10-1 Wonderful Wino
CDr10-2 Concentration Moon
CDr10-3 Mom & Dad The Air
CDr10-4 Dog Breath
CDr10-5 Mother People
CDr10-6 You Didn't Try To Call Me
CDr10-7 Call Any Vegetable
CDr10-8 Medley
CDr10-9 King Kong
Zappa/MOI - Rainbow Theatre 10-12-1971
CDr11-1 Intro
CDr11-2 Peaches En Regalia
CDr11-3 Tears Began To Fall
CDr11-4 Shove It Right In
CDr11-5 Sofa Suite
CDr11-6 Pound For A Brown
CDr11-7 Sleeping In A Jar (PP Version)
CDr11-8 Wonderful Wino
CDr11-9 Sharleena
CDr11-10 Cruisin' For Burgers
CDr11-11 King Kong
Frank Zappa's Grand Wazoo - The Oval 16-9-1972
CDr12-1 Soundcheck / Intro
CDr12-2 Big Swifty
CDr12-3 The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary
CDr12-4 The Grand Wazoo
CDr12-5 Dog Meat
CDr12-6 Penis Dimension
CDr12-7 Regyptian Strut
Frank Zappa - Knebworth Festival 9th September 1978
CDr13-1 Deathless Horsie
CDr13-2 Dancin' Fool
CDr13-3 Easy Meat
CDr13-4 Honey, Don't You Wanna Man Like Me?
CDr13-5 Pound For A Brown
CDr13-6 Bobby Brown
CDr13-7 Conehead
CDr13-8 Flakes
CDr13-9 Keep It Greasy
CDr13-10 Village Of The Sun
CDr13-11 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
CDr13-12 City Of Tiny Lites
CDr13-13 Magic Fingers
CDr13-14 Yellow Snow Suite
CDr13-14 Bamboozled By Love


This Limited Edition (Bonus) set of 25 is issued in a 'generic' outer box, which was used to house various sets issued by concert promoter Freddy Bannister.

This Beefheart set has a black linen-effect base box, which houses the contents in two compartments. It has a red linen-effect lid, printed black & silver (with the generic title); "Freddy Bannister's Festivals 1969 - 1979". Inside the lid of this set is glued the 2-color 'Authentication Certificate'; "Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band Commemorative Set 1972 - 1975", which is hand-numbered (out of an edition of 200) & signed. This numbered & signed Certificate is repeated, glued inside the accompanying book: "Freddy Bannister - There Must Be A Better Way".

The first 175 of this set was issued with 'basic' content of 7 Beefheart CDs+DVD & a Zappa Knebworth CD bonus. The remaining 25 (inc this submission) were issued with further bonus works from archivist collections, including Zappa Knebworth, Bath material & CDs.

10 actual glossy photographs, unpublished to date, are included, measuring 200mm x 150mm. These feature Vliet, Harkleroad, Snouffer, Tripp, Zappa and the MOI (among others) onstage at various venues. The DVD provides an overview of The Magic Band at 4 venues. A Knebworth T-Shirt was also included in this bonus set. ('Images' provides full overview).

The following errors on releases:
CDr1-5 titled as "Dali's Claw"
CDr3-2, CDr4-16, CDr5-12 titled as "Spitball Scalped A Baby"
CDr9-6 full original title was "Poofters Froth, Wyoming Plans Ahead".

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February 26, 2014

Truly amazing set, some of the best packaging I've ever seen.


October 18, 2012
edited about 1 year ago
I think it should be noted that these Limited Edition Box-Sets varied slightly with regard the Memorabilia therein with a Limited Edition *Bonus Beefheart/Zappa [Combined] Set including a massive 16 CDrs in total.