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Cassette, Compilation


Split 7" With Sete Star Sept
A1 Movin' On
A2 Ag Pt. 2
A3 Somersault
A4 Grind Alert
A5 Rape By Eyes
Split CD With Lowfat
A6 Ag
A7 Cdy
A8 Take Away
A9 Hxixux
Split 7" With Dva Minuta Dreka
A10 Kyouwaiihi
A11 Waffle Is Not A Crepe
A12 Napalmidabutsu
A13 Hana Hook
A14 True Blue
Split 7" With Insect Warfare
A15 Yoisyo
A16 Burakouda
A17 Pansy
A18 Hagane
A19 Fuckoffanddie
Split CD With Demisor
A20 Ag
A21 Rape By Eyes
A22 Hana Hook
A23 True Blue
A24 Skullbooze
A25 Cdy
A26 Take Away
A27 Melody
Split 7" With Birdflesh
A28 Too Kongou
A29 He's Burning
A30 Shouji
A31 Hagane
A32 Yamato
Split 7" With Fuck On The Beach
B1 Intro (Pajama Party)
B2 Yes No Makura
B3 Sutton Oi!
B4 Kiraijyanaikedo
B5 Burakouda
B6 Yoisyo
B7 Kyouwaiihi
B8 Gansan
B9 Waffle Is Not A Crepe
Split 7" With Denak
B10 Yoisyo
B11 Kiraijyanaikedo
B12 Burakouda
B13 Sutton Oi!
B14 Masatoshi Thrash
Split 7" With Violent Headache
B15 Kyouwaiihi
B16 Flat
B17 Super Kubi Penis
B18 Gansan
B19 Pansy
Split Cd With Hashdum
B20 N.F.C.B
B21 Waffle Is Not A Crepe
B22 Yes No Makura
B23 Cgarchy
B24 Doom
Split 7" With Cripple Bastards
B25 ... And The Sky
B26 Napalmidabutsu
B27 Hana Hook
B28 N.F.C.B
Split 7" With Agathocles
B29 Cgarchy
B30 Kubi Penis
B31 Lay Off Me
B32 True Blue