Casey Piotrowski ‎– Casey Piotrowski

Casey Piotrowski ‎– 593N11
Vinyl, LP, Stereo


"Thanks. It's been a great two years for me in Cincinnati. Your response, your aceptance, and your downright friendship cause my feelings to run deeper than my words can say. It means a lot. Nurgis Glompum. ~ Casey"

Produced, engineered and all selections written by Casey Piotrowski

Preproduction assistance - Joe Sluder

Post-production assistance - Robin Mitchell

Vocal harmonies on "Someone to Watch Over Me" by Charlie and Innocence Harmonica, percussion and vocal harmonies on "you Made Me Love You' by Casey Petrowski.

Cover Photo - Mark Treitel (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Cover Designed by Casey Piotrowski

Narrations by and special thanks to David Collin

Intro to side two and great friendship - World Famous Tom Murphy, Special Thanks World.

Thanks to: John Bayliss and Robin Mitchell for their guidence (sic) and the confidence they've shown to me throughout / Buddy Baron for his being a most able foil for Mr. Query / Paul Dixon for his invaluable initial encouragement and help. We still miss and love you, Paul Baby / my family and friends for their precious love / Jim Smith for the doors he opened / the folks at QCA / the dear Lord above for His strength and His great gifts that make me feel unworthy / and you.