Cassiber ‎– 1982–1992 (30th Anniversary Cassiber Box)

ReR Megacorp ‎– ReR CBOX
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
CD, Compilation, Remastered
CD, Album
DVD, DVD-Video

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Man Or Monkey
CD1-1 Cassiber Not Me
CD1-2 Cassiber Red Shadow
CD1-3 Cassiber Chor Der Gefangenen
CD1-4 Cassiber Our Colourful Culture
CD1-5 Cassiber O Cure Me
CD1-6 Cassiber This Core
CD1-7 Cassiber Man Or Monkey
CD1-8 Cassiber Django Vergibt
CD1-9 Cassiber Dir Verunreinigung Des Flusses Ist Gerade Noch Erträglich.
CD1-10 Cassiber Sag Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind
Beauty And The Beast
CD2-1 Cassiber Six Rays
CD2-2 Cassiber Robert
CD2-3 Cassiber Last Call
CD2-4 Cassiber Ach Heile Mich
CD2-5 Cassiber Haruspices
CD2-6 Cassiber Under New Management
CD2-7 Cassiber Vengeance Is Dancing
CD2-8 Cassiber In Einer Minute
CD2-9 Cassiber Und Ich Werde Nicht Mehr Sehen
CD2-10 Cassiber Prendre La Lune Avec Les Dents
CD2-11 Cassiber At Last I Am Free
CD2-12 Cassiber Time Running Out
A Face We All Know
CD3-1 Cassiber This Was The Way It Was
CD3-2 Cassiber Remember
CD3-3 Cassiber Old Gods
CD3-4 Cassiber 2 O'Clock In The Morning
CD3-5 Cassiber Philosophy (1)
CD3-6 Cassiber Gut
CD3-7 Cassiber Start The Show
CD3-8 Cassiber A Screaming Comes Across The Sky
CD3-9 Cassiber They Go In Under Archways
CD3-10 Cassiber They Have Begun To Move
CD3-11 Cassiber Time Gets Faster
CD3-12 Cassiber It's Never Quiet
CD3-13 Cassiber Philosophy (2)
CD3-14 Cassiber A Screaming Holds
CD3-15 Cassiber Philosophy (3)
CD3-16 Cassiber I Was Old
CD3-17 Cassiber The Way It Was
CD3-18 Cassiber To Move
Perfect Worlds
CD4-1 Cassiber Dust And Ashes
CD4-2 Cassiber Crusoe's Landing
CD4-3 Cassiber Miracolo
CD4-4 Cassiber Prometheus
CD4-5 Cassiber Sleep Armed
CD4-6 Cassiber In A Room
CD4-7 Cassiber Todo Dia
CD4-8 Cassiber Orphee's Mirror
CD4-9 Cassiber I Tried To Reach You
CD5-1 Duck And Cover* 3000 Explosions
CD5-2 Duck And Cover* Dark Cloud
CD5-3 Duck And Cover* Walls Are Loosening
CD5-4 Duck And Cover* Rats And Monkeys
CD5-5 Duck And Cover* Pause#
CD5-6.1 Duck And Cover* Easter Day 1935
CD5-6.2 Duck And Cover* Kein Kriegsspielzeug Für Jonathan
CD5-7 Duck And Cover* The Song Of Investment Capital Overseas
CD5-8 Duck And Cover* The Address
CD5-9 Duck And Cover* Fragments
CD5-10 Duck And Cover* Dark Reprise
CD5-11 Duck And Cover* On Suicide
CD5-12 Duck And Cover* Und Ich Werde Nicht Mehr Sehen
CD5-13 Duck And Cover* Not With A Bang
CD5-14 Cassix Coste
CD5-15 Cassix Cripta
CD5-16 Cassix Religion
CD5-17 Cassix The Stanislavsky Method
CD5-18 Cassix Tempo Di Pace, Bari
CD5-19 Cassix Copy Machine
CD5-20 Cassix Finta Di Nulla
CD5-21 Cassiber With Shinoda Masami* O Cure Me
Drums [In Otomo's Remixing Stage] – Uemura Masahiro*Groovebox [Rhythm Box], Tape [Hard-Disc Recorder] [In Otomo's Remixing Stage] – Otomo YoshihideGuest [Sampled Guest - In Otomo's Remixing Stage] – Ichiraku Yoshimitsu*Guest, Saxophone – Shinoda Masami*Koto [20-String], Body Percussion [Teeth Clack] [In Otomo's Remixing Stage] – Yagi Michiyo*Music By – Cassiber, Hoahio, Shinoda Masami*, Otomo YoshihideRemix [Remixed By] – Otomo YoshihideSampler [In Otomo's Remixing Stage] – Sachiko MVoice [In Otomo's Remixing Stage] – HacoWords By – Johann Sebastian Bach
The Way It Was
CD6-1 Cassiber This Was The Way It Was
CD6-2 Cassiber Archways
CD6-3 Cassiber A Screaming
CD6-4 Cassiber They Have Begun To Move
CD6-5 Cassiber 2:00 In The Morning
CD6-6 Cassiber Todo Dia
CD6-7 Cassiber It's Never Quiet
CD6-8 Cassiber Six Rays
CD6-9 Cassiber Prisoner Chorus 1
CD6-10 Cassiber Prisoner Chorus 2
CD6-11 Cassiber Oh No
CD6-12 Cassiber I Was Old When I Was Young
CD6-13 Cassiber Disk Not Responding
CD6-14 Cassiber Gut
CD6-15 Cassiber Crusoe's Landing
CD6-16 Cassiber Miracolo
CD6-17 Cassiber Our Colourful Culture
CD6-18 Cassiber In A Room
CD6-19 Cassiber Not Me
Elvis Has Left The Building
DVD-1 Cassiber Our Colourful Culture (18 Deutsches Jazz Festival, Frankfurt Am Main, October 1982)
DVD-2 Cassiber Man Or Monkey (18 Deutsches Jazz Festival, Frankfurt Am Main, October 1982)
DVD-3 Cassiber O Cure Me (18 Deutsches Jazz Festival, Frankfurt Am Main, October 1982)
DVD-4 Cassiber Not Me (18 Deutsches Jazz Festival, Frankfurt Am Main, October 1982)
DVD-5 Cassiber Floor In The Grand Design (Sao Paulo, July 1984)
DVD-6 Cassiber Prisoners Chorus (Sao Paulo, July 1984)
DVD-7 Cassiber Robert (Sao Paulo, July 1984)
DVD-8 Cassiber Survivor Kit Fragments (Sao Paulo, July 1984)
DVD-9 Cassiber Red Shadow (Sao Paulo, July 1984)
DVD-10 Cassiber Ach Heile Mich (Sao Paulo, July 1984)
DVD-11 Cassiber On We Go (Sao Paulo, July 1984)
DVD-12 Cassiber At Last I Am Free (Sao Paulo, July 1984)
DVD-13 Cassiber Cassiber's Landing (Akademie Der Künste Der DDR 1989)
DVD-14 Cassiber This Was The Way It Was (Akademie Der Künste Der DDR 1989)
DVD-15 Cassiber Heiner Goebbels (Akademie Der Künste Der DDR 1989)
DVD-16 Cassiber Old Gods (Akademie Der Künste Der DDR 1989)
DVD-17 Cassiber Chris Cutler (Akademie Der Künste Der DDR 1989)
DVD-18 Cassiber Gut (Akademie Der Künste Der DDR 1989)
DVD-19 Cassiber Christoph Anders (Akademie Der Künste Der DDR 1989)
DVD-20 Cassiber They Have Begun To Move (Akademie Der Künste Der DDR 1989)

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Cardboard box housing 5 jewel cases (containing 7 discs in total) and one 32-page booklet.
Release limited to 1000 copies.

DVD shows previously unreleased live and studio material.

The most prominent title shown on the cover is "1982–1992," while a small logo says "30th Anniversary Cassiber Box," and the ReR Megacorp website lists it as "The Cassiber Box."

The Collaborations disc has 22 tracks listed on CD tray, but only 21 in CD : tracks 6 & 7 mastered as a single track (6.1 and 6.2 above).

● Duck And Cover : recorded and mixed direct to stereo master by Rundfunk der DDR on February 6th, 1986 at The Berliner Ensemble in East Berlin. Remastered by Bob Drake at studio Midi Pyrenees, France.
● Cassix : these radio recordings were made as part of a public workshop project at the Montepulciano Cantiere Internationale d'Art, 1983. Recorded between July 23-29 at Fortezza Medicea, Montepulciano.
● Cassiber with Shinoda Masami : concert at R's Art Court on the 23rd October 1992 recorded to DAT. Sound improvement and mastering were done later in 1997 by Heiner Goebbels in Frankfurt. The remix was made at A-102 Studio, Tokyo in September/November 1997, with additional recordings added at GOK Sound, Tokyo in October/November 1997. The pre-mix was done at GOK Sound on November 4th and the mastering at Transonic on November 9th.