Cassiber ‎– Collaborations / The Way It Was / Elvis Has Left The Building

ReR Megacorp ‎– ReRCCD5,6,7
2 × CD, Album, Compilation
DVD, DVD-Video


CD1-1 Duck & Cover (3) 3000 Explosions
CD1-2 Duck & Cover (3) Dark Cloud
CD1-3 Duck & Cover (3) Walls Are Loosening
CD1-4 Duck & Cover (3) Rats And Monkeys
CD1-5 Duck & Cover (3) Pause#
CD1-6 Duck & Cover (3) Easter Day 1935
CD1-7 Duck & Cover (3) Kein Kriegsspielzeug Für Jonathan
CD1-8 Duck & Cover (3) The Song Of Investment Capital Overseas
CD1-9 Duck & Cover (3) The Address
CD1-10 Duck & Cover (3) Fragments
CD1-11 Duck & Cover (3) Dark Reprise
CD1-12 Duck & Cover (3) On Suicide
CD1-13 Duck & Cover (3) Und Ich Werde Nicht Mehr Sehen
CD1-14 Duck & Cover (3) Not With A Bang
CD1-15 Cassix Coste
CD1-16 Cassix Cripta
CD1-17 Cassix Religion
CD1-18 Cassix The Stanislavsky Method
CD1-19 Cassix Tempo Di Pace, Bari
CD1-20 Cassix Copy Machine
CD1-21 Cassix Finta Di Nulla
CD1-22 Cassiber with Masami Shinoda O Cure Me
The Way It Was
CD2-1 Cassiber This Was The Way It Was
CD2-2 Cassiber Archways
CD2-3 Cassiber A Screaming
CD2-4 Cassiber They Have Begun To Move
CD2-5 Cassiber 2:00 In The Morning
CD2-6 Cassiber Todo Dia
CD2-7 Cassiber It's Never Quiet
CD2-8 Cassiber Six Rays
CD2-9 Cassiber Prisoner Chorus 1
CD2-10 Cassiber Prisoner Chorus 2
CD2-11 Cassiber Oh No
CD2-12 Cassiber I Was Old When I Was Young
CD2-13 Cassiber Disk Not Responding
CD2-14 Cassiber Gut
CD2-15 Cassiber Crusoe's Landing
CD2-16 Cassiber Miracolo
CD2-17 Cassiber Our Colourful Culture
CD2-18 Cassiber In A Room
CD2-19 Cassiber Not Me
Elvis Has Left The Building
DVD-1 Cassiber Our Colorful Country
DVD-2 Cassiber Man Or Monkey
DVD-3 Cassiber O Cure Me
DVD-4 Cassiber Not Me
DVD-5 Cassiber Floor In The Grand Design
DVD-6 Cassiber Prisoner Chorus
DVD-7 Cassiber Robert
DVD-8 Cassiber Survivor Kit Fragments
DVD-9 Cassiber Red Shadow
DVD-10 Cassiber Ach Heile Mich
DVD-11 Cassiber On We Go
DVD-12 Cassiber At Last I Am Free
DVD-13 Cassiber Cassiber's Landing
DVD-14 Cassiber This Was The Way It Was
DVD-15 Cassiber Heiner Goebbels
DVD-16 Cassiber Old Gods
DVD-17 Cassiber Chris Cutler
DVD-18 Cassiber Gut
DVD-19 Cassiber Christoph Anders
DVD-20 Cassiber They Have Begun To Move


This 3-disc release was originally available as part of the 30th Anniversary Cassiber Box, and was later sold separately on the ReR Megacorp website.