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1 Happiness Is Alien 4:11
2 City Lights 3:37
3 Shine 5:06
4 Future 4:40



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July 18, 2011

ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT PART TWO: Digital download available today JULY 8th 2011! CD purchases ship July 26, 2011 - @

As a continuation of the album that began with the last year's ‘ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT PART ONE.’ Electronic pop veteran's ROB ROWE and KEITH MILO of CAUSE AND EFFECT announce the release of the eagerly anticipated 'ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT PART TWO' (AC2,) the second installment of a three-part album.

Starting things off on ‘AC2’ is “HAPPINESS IS ALIEN,” the hard-hitting electro-pop/nu-rock second single which opens with singer Rob Rowe’s ‘other-worldly’ phased vocals floating atop a contagiously hooky synth line and rhythmic eighth-note guitar mutes. The song quickly morphs into a densely layered electro-anthem with crunchy power-chords, a bit-crushed 909-drum machine and a pulsing bed of keyboardist Keith Milo's signature sequenced synths.

From the song's opening line, "Don’t take me to your leaders and their guns," we hear the voice of Paul, an alien who has traveled to Earth in search of the beauty he discovered within the work of poet William Blake, but upon arrival, quickly becomes disillusioned by the duality of man and our primitive understanding of the universe. "HAPPINESS IS ALIEN" explores some serious thought provoking issues and laces them with a touch of humor and a healthy dose of irony.

"HIA has always been one of our favorite un-released songs, explains Rob Rowe. ''We played it live quite a bit during 'The Sunrise Tour' and it always went over well, so we're really excited to finally give it a proper release. We’ve also got some great remixes being done for it.”

CITY LIGHTS: A modern day big-city bright-lights lover’s tale set to a pulsing C&E style electronic waltz. Will they succumb to the allure of the city on those dark and lonely nights or will the city lights make it all right? “CITY LIGHTS” is a musical journey through the ‘crystal-mountain’ highs and the dark and seedy lows of big city life.

SHINE: A dark and powerful electro-ballad anthem with a poignant, yet optimistic message about rising above intolerance and H8. Lines such as “You shine like an angel, you shine like a star, wearing that suit made of feathers and tar“ and “Don’t let them see your spirit falling, ‘cause the voice inside is calling to you,” will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like a stranger in their own skin. Originally written and demoed before the recording of C&E's third album ‘INNERMOST STATION,’ it was last year’s highly publicized teen suicides that inspired this newly re-worked version of the song.

“After selecting songs for AC2, we started to realize that there was a theme in that each of the songs dealt with outcasts or feelings of alienation. Even though “SHINE” was an older song, it felt right at home with the other songs on AC2,” says, Milo.

FUTURE: Melodic synth lines and sparse acoustic guitar lay the foundation for this hauntingly beautiful mid-tempo ballad that tells the story of a woman longing for the world she once knew. Lyrical phrases such as “She blames the death of vinyl for the death of her smile” and “nostalgia kills the future and taints time,” propel the song to the last climatic rise of ‘AC2’ where the listener is left to ponder the EP’s closing lines: “She’s an alien, just an alien, and I’m an alien - far from home.” “FUTURE” has already been labeled as a fan-favorite that is destined to become a C&E classic.


PART ONE (available now)
1. Happy?
2. View of the Sea
3. This Is Who I Am
4. Sleep

PART TWO (Available 7/26)
5. Happiness Is Alien
6. City Lights
7. Shine
8. Future

PART THREE (Fall 2011)
9. TBA
10. TBA
11. TBA
12. TBA

CAUSE AND EFFECT’S career now spans 20 years in which they’ve released five full-length studio albums that have included five Billboard Top #20 Club singles, four Billboard Hot #100 singles, and cumulative US album sales of over 500,000 copies on both their own independent label LIQUEFACTION, and major label BMG. CAUSE AND EFFECT will be releasing ‘ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT PART THREE’ later this year, and will begin live shows starting this Fall.