Celebrity Appreciation Society ‎– Selected Case Studies Volume 2: Scandinavian Syndrome

Cassette, C21


Case Study No. 3 - Elin Krantz (Equality Poster-girl)
A File No. 1 - Blanda Upp (The Beneficts Of A Functional Integration System) 9:47
Case Study No. 4 - Karsten Hauken (From Abuse Victim To Advocate)
B1 File No. 2 - Somalian Gratitude 4:53
Case Study No. 5 - Approximately 40 Anonymous Girls Attending The Borlange "Peace & Love" Festival
B2 File No. 3 - 7 - 9 July 2016 (Best Practices Of Swedish Hospitality Policies) 5:07


Recorded in Orania (SA) in 2016.

Chrome tape. Comes with inserts.



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June 7, 2017
edited 10 months ago

in the world of free speech where disliking homosexualism equals homophobia, we come across the phenomena where liberalism, liberties, human rights and all good things that comes with it turns back against the initial bearer of these mentioned fruits of civilisation - the native white european. because of this everlasting self imposing sense of guilt, the western man and his culture has been placed on a couch for psychoanalysis and got his teeth knocked out completely and has brought upon himself this plague which can actually be the fatal stab. as we have entered the last stage of our civilisation for a while now, the recent account of events is showing the process to be accelerating.
celebrity appreciation society dives into sensitive subject here - scandinavians, the most tolerant people on earth, are put at difficult crossroad here. migrants have been accepted and sheltered from say oppressive regimes at their home lands, they're being fed and kept warm and asked nothing in return, yet they can't resist the urge to go hunt for some white flesh in their own manner - rape. the most pathetic thing of all - and this will be the main reason why the west will fail - there is no sense of unity and the very critics of the current system seems to be small marginal groups, barely interesting only to themselves.
i can see this tape can be described by some hipster flipflop wearing justice warrior as shocking although i see nothing shocking here. it's nice sounding piece of art and the only shocking thing is that it is a taboo to discuss the above matters in open.
we did not want this thought revolution. this liberal thought revolution is the only revolution in history of mankind to have been cast from the top rather than the bottom. it may be the last.