Chamar ‎– Chamaring Vol.1

Tod Aquarium ‎– TACD-006
CD, Album


1 Pray 5:59
2 Dochacky 8:34
3 Garakuta 8:30
4 Parallel Times 9:03
5 Pakemon 7:55
6 Bishop 8:54
7 Aqua 10:26
8 A.T.O. (2005 Mix) 9:12


  • Artwork By – Nyon_orb
  • Written-By, Producer, Mastered ByKazuhide Toda


All tracks written, produced, and mastered by Chamar aka Kazuhide Toda.
Artwork by Nyon_orb (Chamar's wife).



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June 23, 2009

Pray :It's about something is being filled mysterious atmosphere , it's like if you penetrate a chemistry laboratory with nobody inside, only you contemplating strange noisy, coloured liquids physics reactions

Dochacky : an hypnotic psycho-groovy tune where you confronted to a huge amount of rose bubble gum paste/slime which is scattering slowly everywhere on your house floor & his strong acidity induces giant toxic fumes as it decomposes all the objects on its path. When the tune turns goa melodic after 7'00, it's the sign that time has come to do something before being caught like in a quicksands.

Garakuta : The start is more kicking with fx on percussions, with a night & powerful climate up to 3'42, when the boisterous melodic part appears. At 6'36 the lead becomes brassy in order to wake up your eardrums if it was necessary.

Parallel Times : It's full on with a middle tribal goa part with African chant from 4'15, a warm bass upto 3'35 then in the core tribal part it's deep sounding & you get percussions from 3'50. In the surround sound scape, several noises can be noticed : tyres screeching from 1'26, from 2'40 spaceship's laser shots conferring a global silly touch.

Pakemon :There's something like Indian American natives chant in the far background at 1'35 & also religious Indian ones from 2'35 which are more perceptible. The melody starting at 3'30 has something of very exotic goa for me. Once again you've got an overall night feeling all over the tune.

Bishop : After a long sweet intro, the bass line takes your attention first : extremely nervous & galloping. Then it's time for the cycling pointed electric guitar riffs to catch your spirit at 4'10. After a filtered down break from 6'00, several cybershots are punctuating the final part still accompanied with the initial bass but in a cooler register.

Aqua : Some amplified inspirations & expirations in an athletic runner way constitute the intro with the support of an up spiral layer contributing to the tense, dramatic opening. Lots of little weird, funny sounds (bleeps, sweeps,creeps) are used all along, at 2'50 the bass line undergoes his first tone change. Several sounds evolve towards high sharp limit & then go down very quickly like a balloon you'd like to pump up with your mouth recovering its initial form due to your lack of breath.

ATO (2005 mix) : It's a chill out track with percussions, sounds of water falling from a bamboostalk mechanism from 4'25, the melodic lead seems to be an imitation of this peaceful process. Unfortunately i don't find the fx on the voice incantations to fit nicely with the rest of harmonies, more discrete the best it would have been.
It lacks a bit of calm here & the result is almost confused, that's a pity.

A nice début album made of goa-psytrance tunes with the special techno groovy influence you oftenly catch from Japanese psytrance producers, let's just hope a Chamaring Vol.2 will arrive soon after this one.

Climaxes : 2,4,5,7