Charlie Mcalister ‎– Golden Memories And Residues

Doormat, Tx. ‎– none
4 × Cassette


Golden Memories & Residues 1-2
A1 Go Wild Tonight
A2 Whipping The President #2
A3 Me & The Fish
A4 Wine Spazz
A5 To Hell With The Monkfish Man
A6 Wearing Glasses
A7 Collage
A8 Whiskey & Soda
A9 10th Of December Dream
A10 Gimmee Your Glasses
A11 Long Long Road
A12 #1010
A13 Lucky Day
A14 Fight Song
B1 Daze Of Winter
B2 Hellen K.
B3 The Squatter
B4 Black Book
B5 Jim Phizz The Crabber
B6 Going To Porkies With A Basket Of Eggs
B7 Captain Randy
B8 Big And Giant
B9 Indo/Interference
B10 Nancy Beth
B11 Bratleys Tail
B12 Fire Island
B13 Im As Tough As A Rock
Golden Memories & Residues 3-4
C1 Shoot The Moon
C2 Nothing Disturned
C3 Alligator
C4 Im Ganna Leave This Town
C5 Starpower
C6 Casio Song #1000
C7 Your Music's Calling Me
C8 Please Not Again/Please No Not Again
C9 The Static Of Silence
C10 Dont Do That To Me
C11 Hero's Story
C12 Refugee Stars
C13 Community Band
C14 Camptown Races
C15 Little Brown Donkey
C16 We Will Sail Again
C17 Dry Desert Death
C18 Misunderstanding
C19 Young Soldiers/Sousa
D1 Donut Style
D2 The Bitter End
D3 Throw Another Chop To The Baby
D4 Why Must I Go
D5 The Lake
D6 Windmill
D7 Lust
D8 Baywatch Episode
D9 Boom Boom Version #2
D10 The Paper Bag
D11 Untitled
D12 This Morning/Last Night
D13 Subcountry #2
D14 Fabulous Career
D15 Singing/Little Bird/Graveyard
D16 To The Year 6035
D17 Id Rather Be
D18 Diary #2
Golden Memories & Residues 5-6
E1 Art Is Fun/Fun Is Art
E2 Crude Woven Basket
E3 Triple Clone
E4 Traipsin
E5 Madame Fu Fu/Orange & White July
E6 Se Vous Plait
E7 John Lennon's First Band
E8 Please Don't Believe Me
E9 Collage
E10 Chain Gang
E11 Singin With My Saw
E12 Out On The Avenue
E13 The Big Box Is In The Mail
E14 Im Staying Here
F1 I Wanna Wanna
F2 Viva Zapato
F3 Trouble Is Brewin
F4 The Black Spot
F5 Hellen Keller & Victor Brauner
F6 Everything I Need (I Got)
F7 Fake Country Music Version 2
F8 Little Annes Victrola
F9 These Aren't My Hands Today
F10 The Cloud
F11 Marching Song
F12 Lazy, Spacey, Hastee, Crazzee
F13 Stuck Bird
F14 I Couldn't Imagine That
F15 Give Me Attention
Golden Memories & Residues 7-8
G1 Shut Down
G2 Hair/Wind/Football
G3 Lazy Days On The River
G4 Theres No Stopping Me Now
G5 Whos Ganna?
G6 Knock The Bars Off
G7 Your All Dicks
G8 Marcus James/Lasagna
G9 Little Debbie & The Puppy
G10 Broken Bones
G11 Meg Has Broken Her Leg
G12 Wine & Rice
G13 Donkey Hair
G14 Kat Fight
H1 Raincoat, Crutches, Surfboard
H2 Giberish King
H3 Buisness Park
H4 Leave No Traces
H5 Dead In Your Eyes
H6 Der Kutter
H7 The Story Of Sweet Susie #1
H8 Oh Solo Me/Pain
H9 Ode To Jack Teagarden
H10 Rot The Teeth Right Out My Skull
H11 Traitor
H12 Football/College Career
H13 Waltz Of Liberty


J.Mcalister-guitar on To Hell With the Monfish Man
, Jim Phizz The Crabber, Donut Style, Vocals on Throw Another Chop To The Baby, guitar on Singin With My Saw
drums on traipsin

Buzzsaw wrote words to Viva Zapato/wrote and sang Bratley's Tale

Bill Ferguson-vocals on Captain Randy, wrote and sang Fire Island

K.Taylor-vocals on Dry Desert Death. Percussion on Dont Do That To Me

Thomas Andrews-played guitar on Me & the fish I caught.
flute on Black Book

John Merritt played drums on 10th of December Dream.

Echo & the Bunnymen wrote Der Kutter.

Caleb Fraid wrote Traipsin

Jeff Poole-accordian on Throw Another Chop To The Baby

Badi Jones-vocals on Baywatch Episode

Cluppy-wrote These Arent My Hands Today

Harriet Dean-vocals on We Will Sail Again

Robert Mcalister-Mammoth sounds on Going to Porkies With a Basket Of Eggs

Alexa Keefe-Vocals on to Hell With Monkfish Man

Ghost Krab-human beatbox on Fire Island.

Matt T. Played French Horn on "Marcus James"

Lucky Day + Fight Song-from The Fake Puntegg Roll Bomb Pass cassette on Car In Car Disco Product 1994

Wearing Glasses-appeared on the Cheese Compilation on Nearsighted Revolution.1997

10th of Dec.Dream, Dont Do That To Me, Throw Another Chop, This Morning/Last Night, Subcountry #2,
Diary #2,Crude Woven Basket, Singin With My Saw, and These Arent My Hands Today appear on
Refrigerator is Cook'n cassette on Jupe L. records 1999

To Hell With The Monkfish Man, appear on the Have Fun This Summer cassette on Car In Car 1995

Jim Phizz The Crabber appeared on The 1 min.& Shorter Compilation on Bobby J 1996

Donut Style from 8 Month Tab cassette on Catsup Plate records 1995

Im Ganna Leave This Town- from Home & Far Away cassette on Nearsighted Revolution 1997

Lazy, Spacey, Jazee, Crazee but Glad, Leave No Traces, Dead In Your Eyes from
Songs about the girl I loved cassette on Squirrel Energy Now. 1996

We Will Sail Again-from Sardine in Bastard Suit cassette on Plastic Duck 1998 + Wine and Rice and Donkey Hair

Der Kutter appears on Echo & Bunnyman Tribute Compilation on Doormat, Tx 1999

Hair/Wind/Football- from Turn Of The Century Photograph Of cassette on Unread Records 1998

Broken Bones-from I'll See You In Hell cd on Tape Mountain 2001

Starpower-from Play With Matches split cassette
with Caleb Fraid on Hut Boy 1996

Im Staying Here from Frog Strangler and the Country Creamerz cassette on Doormat, TX

Hellen K from Me Motiff San Foule on Doormat TX

Little Anne's Victrola, Alligator, Nothing Disturbed recorded Philadelphia 1997

Shut Down by Germs

The Lake recorded in Huntsville, Texas 1999