Chelsea Wolfe ‎– Soundtrack VHS II

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1 Virginia Woolf Underwater (Underwater) 4:23
2 hangs like a body from the ceiling (Feel Something) 3:44
3 When You're Here I Know I Can Never Love You (The Way We Use To Be) 2:47
4 Mistakes Our Fathers Made (Gold) 3:32
5 tell me what does it mean when you tell me your secrets (Neon Green) 3:38
6 A Downfall (Autumn) 2:53
7 so long the sun has left my skin (Drums & Heartbeats) 3:42
8 His Armour Fell Asleep (Armour Fell Asleep) 3:46
9 we grow together then we're pulled apart (Two Sides) 2:16
10 autoharp songs (Hyper Oz) 2:35
11 Soundtrack VHS 3:48


She put this out on her Bandcamp just a few weeks before signing to Pendu and then took it down. Made up of mostly remixed versions of Soundtrack VHS/Gold, most of the songs are the same recordings with a lot more reverb on the mix and giving them the darker tone she's become known for. "Cousins of the Anti-Christ" is replaced with "autoharp songs" which she later released on Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs as "Hyper Oz". The titles giving are the ones that were assigned when you downloaded them, and in parenthesis are the titles she's giving them on other releases.