Cherry Poppin' Daddies ‎– Ferociously Stoned

Sub Par Records ‎– CPD 422436
CD, Album


Kiss Me Side
1 Drunk Daddy 5:11
2 Teenage Brainsurgeon 3:55
3 Answering Machine 6:03
4 Midas In Reverse 4:30
5 The Lifeboat Mutiny 5:45
6 Master And Slave 4:07
7 Dirty Mutha Fuzz 5:13
8 You Better Move 2:44
Kill Me Side
9 Suicide Kings 4:19
10 Flovilla Thatch vs The Virile Garbageman 3:46
11 Shake Your Lovemaker 5:51
12 Dr. Bones 3:32
13 Diabolic Tastemaker 5:12
14 Up From The Gutter 4:30
15 Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut 3:05



Recorded August through September of 1990 at Gung Ho Studios in Eugene, OR and was mixed at the same location.
Tracks 12-15 were not included on the LP version, and are taken from their first release, the 1989 cassette "Four From On High".
Lyrics included in booklet. Published by Toilet Brain Music.

"...In some ways I suppose I am still a child and I like to call these misfit song-people my imaginary friends. Perhaps they are not always able to bear their burdens with kingly or queenly grace, but this is not what i want for them. I want my brainchildren to feel what is like to live, and living means sometimes being neglected and misunderstood. But jaded old Daddy and the kids have an ace in the hole---when you are neglected and misunderstood tip down your brim and Shake that Lovemaker."

- MC Large Drink 11/28/90