01 Overture 1:01
02 The Cut Cut Sandwich Islands 2:35
03 Shadow Sutra 1:50
04 Morning in Antarctica 2:03
05 Detective Suite 2:19
06 Cerebral Escapades 2:41
07 A Night At Lunar Lodge 3:37
08 Tribe of The Liquid Caves 3:18
09 Bahia Nocturne 2:22
10 Yokohama Yodel 1:22
11 Sayonara 3:25
12 Coda 0:42



Chick Vekters invites you on an astounding intercontinental journey like no other –

Relax with a recline on the luscious shores of The Cold Cut Sandwich Islands, until rejoicing in the all night festivities - still unmatched by the praised adjacent isles. A contrasting voyage now sends us wayfaring through the barren lands of the Middle East. A perpetual peril of desert heat eventually dissolves and magnificent dunes are aglow with cold moonlight. An enigmatic, scalding venture awaits in Shadow Sutra.

Next, as a welcomed reversal, the sub-zero winds of a Morning in Antarctica howl as we reside in a cruel, but beautiful land.
A connecting Ocean Liner now forces us into populace, and we’re caught in a treacherous undertaking through the seedy backstreets and towering rooftops of the big smog. An ominous foray into the unexpected is afoot in Detective Suite.
Moving forward, and in arbitrary directions, we enter a dream-like state as previous and forthcoming exploits amalgamate in Cerebral Escapades.

Phase two of our fruitful expedition begins with immense propulsion - upwards into the vast terrains of the unknown! Stopping over at the finest resort this side of the galaxy, we recuperate with peculiar comfort, guided scenic tours, and interstellar cuisine. Truly an evening of strange delight, as we enjoy A Night at Lunar Lodge.

Hurled back to terrestrial terrain, we are witness to a fantastic & intriguingly unearthly discovery of an unseen ancient people, in Tribe of The Liquid Caves. Drifting through colossal, winding hallways of stone and fluid, the pounding tom tom & bellowing chant of age-old rituals are performed before our very eyes.

Reaching the tropics once again, a jubilant affair now unfolds as the chromatic nightlife of Brasil blooms in Bahia Nocturne.
Onwards to The Orient, we bask in the tranquil traditions & vivid revels of Japan in Yokohama Yodel. Our sonic vacation is ultimately concluded with a torrential downpour. Amongst the monks, we take refuge under monastery shelter. To a most grand adventure - we bid Sayonara…

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 8712530934527