Chor Conducted By N. V. Matveyev*, Men's Choir Conducted By V. Rev. Fr. Mathew ‎– Hymns Of The Russian Orthodox Church

Toshiba Records ‎– MMP-001, Toshiba Records ‎– MMP-002
2 × Vinyl, LP, Gatefold


Hymns Of The Lent
A1 Repentance
A2 Hermoses Of The "Great Canon"
A3 My Soul
A4 Let My Prayer Be Set Forth
A5 Behold Now The Heavenly Powers
A6 Behold, The Bridegroom Commeth
A7 Thou Have Granted The Parsdise To The Good Thief
Hymns Of The Great Holy Saturday And Holy Easter
B1 Arise, O God
B2 Let All Mortal Flesh
B3 O Come, Let Us Bless Joseph Ever-memorable
B4 The Angels In Heaven, O Christ Our Saviour
B5 Christ Is Risen
B6 Hermoses Of The Canon "The Day Of Resurrection"
B7 The Angel Cried
B8 When They Who From Mary Came
B9 Stichera Of Easter "Let God Arise"
Selected Hymns
C1 With Us Is God
C2 O Resplendent Light
C3 Who Is God Great
C4 Praise The Name Of The Lord
C5 Magnification Of The Holy Virgin
C6 This Is The Day Which The Lord Hath Made
C7 My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord
D1 Dogmaticon
D2 Lord, I Call Upon Thee
D3 Troparion To St. Sergius
D4 Holy Father Sergius
D5 By The Waters Of Babylon
D6 O Apostles, Gather Ye From The Ends Of The Earth
D7 Lord, I Call Upon Thee
D8 Dogmaticon
D9 Stichera To Russian Saints