Chris Crofton ‎– Pearls Before Swine: Live At The Springwater

Chicken Ranch Records ‎– Crr-1058
Vinyl, LP


A1 Intro
A2 1930's Farm Humor
A3 Food Trucks
A4 Boutique Drink Joints
A5 Why Do People Get So Mad When You Kill Their Mom?
A6 Sonar Noises With Someone Mumbling
A7 White Men Prancing Around Arts Neighborhoods
A8 Gluten Is Affecting My Backhand
A9 Halfway House Bit Take 3
A10 "It's In Character." "It's Not In My Character, Though."
A11 Do Black People Like Burt's Bees
A12 Composting To Stop The War
A13 Confirmation Numbers
A14 Uncle Jack
A15 The Wilson County Fair
A16 The New Sex Bases
A17 Is Pat Boone In Wavves
A18 Piccolo Songs About Fishes
A19 Food Trucks Part 3
B1 Farm Humor Redux
B2 "The Seasons"
B3 How Many Blonds Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?
B4 The Difference Between Whites And Mexicans
B5 How Many Black People Have Been On The Moon?
B6 Remember Meet Joe Black?
B7 Old Times Square
B8 Short Attention Span Internment Camp
B9 Look Both Ways Before You Cross The Tweet
B10 The Statue Of Liberty's Vagina
B11 Rheingold Beer Promotions
B12 Nobody Cares How You Cure A Cold. Why?
B13 Women Who Marry Gay Guys
B14 Something Is The New Something
B15 One Liner
B16 One Liner?
B17 Wrestling
B18 42
B19 Bear Defense
B20 Boxing
B21 Springwater, September, 2011
B22 Traditional Blues Song