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May 7, 2015
referencing Inside The Government, 12", SCYTHE 10
Osmo's acid in my mind .

Now that is a quality tune ;)

Wake up !


November 12, 2013
referencing Inside The Government, 12", SCYTHE 10

white labels of this too , i know , i got one


December 16, 2012
edited over 4 years ago
referencing Inside The Government, 12", SCYTHE 10

A great three track release here.

For me, the real standout track---and it's an absolute behemoth--is Osmo's Acid in My Mind. A lot of Osmo's older stuff is a bit too far down the path of austere, hard techno (i.e., without any acid) for me, almost hard house in several cases. However, he definitely turned to producing more acid-infused material lately, and this track is the best thing he's ever done in that regard. WOW, this one just assaults you with warm, electric acid, so thick and full it sounds like a wall of acid is slowly, implacably advancing toward you, leaving you nowhere to go. But that's alright, because you want this dense acid tidal-wave to overwhelm you, which it certainly does right away, bringing in the acid fireworks only a minute into the track. Then, at around 3 minutes, the track breaks down, and in pops a wonderful, glorious, get-up-by-the-speaker and rock out break-beat, as that acid wall slowly builds to maximum height again...and then BOOM, you're back in the immersive acid cloud once more. Genius material, 5/5 all the way.

Incidentally, the track reminds me structurally and aurally of Osmo's Hard Reset, though with a great deal more acid. But the percussion, track-layout, and break-beat during the breakdown are all very similar.

Rebel Rouser is a very good track, with awesome, STOMPING percussion (no surprise there), and a nice, sequential progression towards increasingly twisted acid lines. The sample is pretty good, and very much in the SUF/Scythe Squadron vein. And after the break, the acid lines are truly wicked, just caustic and relentless, to fit well with the percussion. I'll give it 4/5. But make no mistake: this is very, very good.

Finally, Inside the Government is quite enjoyable, too, and reminds me of a classic SUF-style acid techno roller. The 303 lines in this piece are great---less twisted than the ones in Rebel Rouser, and much more like acid-guitars, just whipping up and down while a raw (and also guitar-like) synth buzzes in the background. Then, the track strips down a bit in the breakdown, lulling you to sleep. But when the acid lines start flying around again, in conjunction with a growing, automobile-sound (that actually reminds me of the build in Pablo Gargano's 'Juggernaut on the M25', way back on EVE 1), you know you're in for some wicked acid techno on the other side of the break. And indeed, the track does not disappoint in that regard, firing along at its peak for about a minute and a half. Great stuff, 4/5.

Anyway, sorry for the verbosity, but I felt compelled to review this one at length.