Christöphilax ‎– Goldensmell

Not On Label ‎– c-lax676
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1 Goldensmellone 7:30
2 Goldensmelltwo 6:22
3 Goldensmellthree 5:21
4 Goldensmellfour 6:41
5 Goldensmellfive 7:50
6 Goldensmellsix 6:38
7 Goldensmellseven 5:57
8 Goldensmellone (Second Wind) 7:30


Notes from the artist's website:


goldensmell is a radical seven-part olfactory intervention in which christöphilax's senses begin to take leave of her.

in the closing months of 2004, christöphilax suffered a further setback, a crushing blow that would be unbearable for lesser cultural artisans: a traumatic injury to her olfactor, resulting in the permanent loss of her ability to smell.

in the face of this incommensurable catastrophe, however, christöphilax has kept a characteristic stiff upper lip, embracing her latest disability with the gusto and relish we have come to expect from her.

goldensmell is christöphilax's personal testament to the waning of the most important of the senses.

goldensmell is a touching homage to odour and to the powers of olfaction.

goldensmell recreates, in the aural medium, the olfactory experience of some of the defining popular music events of the common era -- some originally attended by christöphilax, others imagined.

with goldensmell christöphilax poses -- and answers at considerable length -- numerous timely questions: in what does smell consist? what does it mean to smell properly? to smell differently? what is the odour of the other? how should we re-think questions of odour in a post-colonial context? can we speak of an ethics of odour? does smell have a gender? can we speak of a queer smell?

a young person's guide to goldensmell

christöphilax takes a trip back to a sweaty Fillmore West on july 9th, 1968, where the air is thick with the scent of patchouli and the waft of weedsmoke -- as proto-metallurgists the Blue Cheer entertain the great unwashed.

this is a very special treat for perfumed ponces and pixie girls everywhere. experience the sweet, twee fragrances of Belle & Sebastian at the Edinburgh Assembly Rooms on march 9th, 1997.

auditors are invited to join christöphilax, Deleuze, Guattari, Foucault and other significant cultural workers on the barricades in the Quartier Latin on May 10th, 1968. re-experience the CRS's first public use of ultrasound technology to achieve the infamous Brown Note (somewhere between 5 and 20 Hz), causing widespread involuntary bowel disruption among the student protestors. merde alors!

luxuriate in the distinctive odour of poppers and youngmen at the Jobriath memorial evening, held at the Toolbox, Runcorn, on november 3rd, 1984.

christöphilax transports listeners to the Palacio de la Moneda, Santiago de Chile, for the final, valiant performance of Dr. Salvador Allende on september 11, 1973 -- el otro 11 de septiembre -- a day on which the stench of betrayal and covert yanqui imperialism hung heavy in the air.

christöphilax revisits the first performance of Cage's 4'33" by David Tudor at the Woodstock Arts Association on august 29th, 1952. this event was noteworthy for a seemingly complete absence of odour (among other things).

christöphilax gets down and dirty at O'Kayz Corral, Madison, Wisconsin, on august 7, 1986, channeling the aroma of the late, sensitive chansonnier, GG Allin. get up-close-and-personal with america's most beloved faecal acrobat and scatological prestidigitateur. christöphilax rubs your nose in it. (a companion piece to goldensmellthree.)

goldensmellone (second wind)