Christian Wünsch ‎– Magnetic Changes

Pole Recordings ‎– POLE GROUP / 012
Vinyl, 12"



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October 7, 2014
An excellent, and criminally underrated release by Spanish stalwart Christian Wunsch. As his label mates Oscar Mulero, Reeko and Exium, these last years have seen the producer redefining and refining his style. For better or for worse, I guess that part is in the eye of the beholder. For one, this man is an absolute legend in the off-beat / industrial spheres of techno. His releases like "No Man's Land", "Master Avalanche" and "Contamination" rank among the fiercest in that niche, so it is obvious people are used to a certain approach to techno as far as he is concerned. In my my humble opinion, some of his attempts at reinventing his style are either hit or miss. Take the "False Flag EP" for example; parts of it work, while at places he just can't piece it together properly. His recently released debut album, "Internal Conversion" at times also struggled to find its place in the modern techno world. Not that any of it was bad, it just lacked that self confidence his older releases had. Brass balls techno which was not afraid to rub it in your face.

Enter "Magnetic Changes", where he offers up three distinctly different interpretations of techno for Oscar Mulero's label. Planetary Alignment revolves around a dense, soaring groove, led by thundering claps, underpinned by half-heard, murmured vocals, as if Wunsch is trying to insert subliminal messages into the arrangement. It might as well be a recording of a conversation between an Apollo crew and Houston, or samples from a fifties sci-fi flick. Who Knows? Basically, with all the radar bleeps and piercing sirens dropped in later, combined with the vocal bits, there is an entire tonal language inside this track. Such a beauty.

Seismic Waves is more sinister with a pulsing bassline unravelling over a skipping rhythm and waves of lapping percussion, its repetition unflinching. It's also, in my book, as close to proper spaced out techno as Wunsch ever got. In fact, was it not for the abrasive drums, this one could be filed under a Something In The Sky track. It's simultaneously fierce and extraterrestrial, making it an ideal tune to either lose it to or close your eyes and zone out into your own little universe.

Finally, Pole Shifting sees Wunsch taking brave steps into yet uncharted territories. Marking a more radical departure from his more conventional club friendly material, as this one is led by a dubby groove underneath dreamy synths and lush, celestial pads that intensify gradually, while at the same time the rhythm becomes more ponderous and introspective. As mentioned above, together with his compadres, Wunsch is looking to push the boundaries of techno and his own sound architecture, and when the stars are aligned, he keeps coming up with some stunning results, as we've seen all over this 12". There's a little everything on here, and all of it is crafted mightily fine. From pure club material to more restrained passages and intricate, intimate moments.
In my opinion, this is the finest piece of work Christian Wunsch has done since 2008's "Las Semillas De Los Espiritus", and the place where you should start if you're interested in his new, upgraded sound. Deservably so, nowadays, more spotlight is placed on the absolutely stunning Spehrical Coordinates project he kicked off with Oscar Mulero, but "Magnetic Changes" is a release you cannot afford to miss if you are a dedicated follower of the whole Tsunami, Warm-Up and Nheoma crew!