Christian Wünsch ‎– Master Avalanche

IM Records ‎– IM001
Vinyl, 12"


A Untitled 4:41
B Untitled 5:20

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February 8, 2018

Proper power never wanes. Neither does the bright intensity of these two cuts. The grooves expertly laid across these tracks are some of the finest Christian Wunsch has ever come up with, and the mere fact that this record packs a piece per side - with that much vigour - should give you a hint at what to expect.
The A side is a dense, drum-heavy workout with little else than clicking, steely percussion joining the monstrous kicks. Its rickety slivers of percussion and its rusty lead synth bounce off a central bass and drum combination of concrete weight. Effectiveness is achieved through smart breaks. During each pause, the music is introduced back in such a manner that it creates a sensation of the pace actually picking up. Meaning that, in just under five minutes, you'll feel like you've increased the tempo three times. This tune was typically used to make the transition from the heavier stuff to the all-right- let's-cut-to-the-chase peak time ammunition.
The clanging passage present throughout gives it an incessant, driving, industrial vibe, and the hair raising tension is guaranteed by the neck snapping pace and the illusion of constantly shifting gears up. To the point of no return.

The B side is a vintage off-kilter killer, much in the vein of Christian's output on his own Tsunami imprint at the time. Although here, the beats are less obviously fractured, and are more linear, if not focused. There is some awesome, ominous synth play introduced at certain points during the track, very much in tune with what him and Oscar Mulero were pursuing on their shared / joint releases. With heavy rolling drums, an industrial tinged swoosh from the background, this is a classic example of the producer coming onto his own, with heavy overtones, yet highly playable during a darker set.
Two absolute classics in my book. Great hard techno tracks. Peerless tools. Which might be misleading. They'll wreck anything you play them with, but they are just long (short?) enough to work on their own as well before becoming overly repetitive. This stuff was in virtually every self respecting record bag throughout 2002/2003.


September 20, 2011

Indeed a wicked couple of tracks from Mr Wunsch. Rolling thunderous beats bass and percussion, the A side builds up with its dark pot n pan style perc, leading to an intense rush and some more heavy percussive elements, the B side is darker and heavier still, with an eerie scraping industrial siren throughout.. Heavy hypnotizing dark techno. A favourite!


February 14, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
2 tracks of pure driven glitchy hard TECHNO.Both tracks come complete with that hard edge industrial sound which falls nicely into some sort of chaotic melody, really hynotising and immense on the adrenalin side of life, Pumped up loud the tracks just come alive and bite back at ya!both tracks have that Heavy rolling b-line and big percussion sound, all layered into just the right builder! Dont pass this one by its dangerous for sure! Full marks for production and sound , wicked!


March 17, 2004
Heavy. Brilliant stuff from Wunsch here - dark, funky, ballsy, percussive and (dare I say it) melodic techno. This works wonders on a large soundsystem, and has that something "extra" that really makes it stand out from the rest. Essential.