Cinderelli ‎– Crystal Clear

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CD, Mixed
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There are a lot of mistakes in the tracklist of the booklet.

Booklet contains also text:

special thanx: the folks @ NHConnected, much luv to my family & friends, steph w, dave schuster, kerry, patti + darcy, tapt of SnS, tricky pat, matt m, tommie gunn & liquid x & all of network one, gabe, sean, king midas, dread, the shy crew(ct), nocturnal, reggie, the lyndonvillians, and everyone else that's supported me thru thick and thin.

Recorded and digitally mastered at Blue Planet Studio
Post production services by Front Porch Music
Produced and distributed by NHConnected
Photography by Gabriel Salas
Design by DreamScape Graph-x Co.
Additional vocals on tracks 1,5 and 7 by Kerry Roucoulet

Like the moon, music is in a constant state of progression. Electronica has emerged as one of today's musical frontiers. Some of New England's best underground disc jokeys are joining forces to release a collection of mixes. This collection is NHC's highly anticipated Olympian Series. "Crystal Clear" is the initial release, the maiden voyage of a journey that will begin with a glimpse into a lunatic's worlds where hard acid trance is your judge, jury, and executioner. The wild ride will continue onwards to other exotic ports of call. Catch the fever; the future of music is now.

If our lives are like a snowball rolling down a hill, growing with each revolution while awaiting the bottom, then i'd just like to thank everyone that's rolled with me. - Treva Cinderelli

NHConnected Olympian Series 1