Closer Musik ‎– One, Two, Three - No Gravity

Vinyl, 12"


Text on label:

"Ewan and I first heard "One, Two, Three..." towards the end of a late night in Paris. It had been the hottest day of summer, 2001, and Ewan had DJed at Cake and Milk, playing to a couple of thousand people on a bank of the Seine. A few of them came back to the home of our host, Vigo Perrault, dancing round her living room or standing on the balcony, looking at Sacre Coeur, illuminated in the distance. A Tim Paris mix CD was playing, and we became obsessed with one of the tracks; a beautiful, lo-fi techno number with a strange, haunting vocal. We played it repeatedly after everyone else had gone to bed. It turned out to be the 16th release on Kompakt, a German label I'd never heard of; back in London, Ewan found a copy in Rough Trade and I rang the number on the back of the sleeve.

We had to wait a while for the parts; the reason became clear once we'd met Closer Musik, after they did a gig in London. They asked us what speed we wanted the vocal to be ("the original is a bit fast, no?"); it turned out they'd recorded it live, straight onto the final mix, so they'd have to re-do it for us. Even with this done, it took so long to get the record out that Kompakt is now internationally renowned, Ewan lives in Berlin, I'm in New York and Closer Musik have split up. It also means that this release will mark Out Of The Loop's fifth anniversary. The label started with an unusual track, featuring a haunting, off-kilter vocal (Jaymz Nylon featuring Mooney - "I Know A Place"), so this record seems like a good way to mark the occasion.

Hamish Anderson, October 2004, N.Y.C"

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