Coil ‎– How To Destroy Angels

First pressing included an A3 black & white poster.
Plain white inner sleeve.

The B-side, "Absolute Elsewhere", is intended to be non-playable. Coil's intention was for that side to be a smooth, grooveless surface, but some pressings featured grooves and according to Coil:
- first pressing had unplayable noise-filled grooves
- second pressing had playable multi-layered music.
- third pressing had a smooth, grooveless surface as originally intended.
However, there's also evidence of two other versions existing (perhaps the 1988 edition?):
- playable b-side with a constant tone for around 15 minutes.
- playable b-side with a series of "test tones" in unconnected locked grooves.

Reissued in 1988 with different labels on the record, but the same catalog number and cover artwork.

A pink vinyl edition is claimed to exist, although it's unclear how many copies of this edition were pressed and none have been documented and verified. If this does exist it, may be a bootleg.

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August 5, 2003
referencing How To Destroy Angels, 12", LAY 5
The accumulation of Male Sexual Energy is the m.o. for this record. I don't know, it's got a sword fight in it tho.
I'm a freshman at art school and I've just taken my first tab. I'm at my friends place looking through her records asking what's what. Things like Bauhaus, Front 242, Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Laibach; it's 1989 and we're tripping trying to find something to sit back and listen to. She pulls this out, I try to read it. She puts it on and lights some candles and incense and turns it up. We sit back and listen. Isn't this cool? wow, I must've listened to this thing 4 times. Maddening. she got bored and left. I was mad for it and loved the show the candles put on for me when I played it.
the b-side is blank and won't make any sound unless your gouge it and scrape it up. There is the slight chance the needle will head for the label tho, so keep your ears open.