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May 27, 2010
edited over 8 years ago
referencing Silent Prayer, 12", OZON 3
Like a lot of my favourite music I first encountered this on a mix tape. No big name DJ, a mate of a mates tape and I don't really ever remember hearing it at any of the events at the time, but regardless, it stood out as quality acid house. To put this into perspective, my tastes in electronic music were shaped at one point in full by the big name DJ's; Carl Cox, Mickey Finn, Jumping Jack Frost, Chocci, Evil Eddie Richards, Mr C, Sasha, DJ Hype, Fabio + Grooverider and so on. I was always searching for the records they played as it seemed to me that the stuff they didn't play was invairably no good. But on hearing this, I was confident enough to make a judgement on my own. Until it apeared in a list here recently I had no idea what the track was either and to my suprise was produced Richard H Kirk.
There is more than a hint of Adonis in the main acid line to good efect layered over a thudding kick drum. Add to this another more fevered acid riff and an aray of samples ranging from what sounds like the pipes from Headhunter (Herbie Hancock) to a slightly strange 'hey yey' vocal and presto, everyones a winner! also I was pleasently supprised that this wasn't on TRAX records. Proper acid.