Cowtown, Corinthians (3) ‎– Split 7"

Vinyl, 7", EP, Limited Edition, Numbered, Stereo


1 Cowtown Surftime
2 Cowtown Ice Cream Beard
3 Corinthians Untitled
4 Corinthians I Thought You Liked Music


Screen printed card sleeve. Hand numbered edition of 210.

Liner Notes:

no voiceside - cowtown
voice side - corinthians

cowtown - surftime, ice cream beard
corinthians - 'i thought you liked music', 'untitled'

cowtown - the hils the hils!: casio sk-1 and low guitar
shield of dreams: hits shells and cymbals with sticks
jonathan r.j nash: plays civilised guitar

all songs recorded by Ben Gardener @ the cowtown rock space/our kitchen

we'd like to thank..........marcus, circuitron, nick jones and sailors, nick mitchell, ben, a. raine, moz and stu, dom, man of science, dicko, corinthians, joe mask, stuart smith and Lords, bev and anyone whose helped us out and put up with our banter.

Dan - Guitar, synth and vocals
Thom - Bass/Vocals
Adam - Drums
Additional Vocals on 'Untitled' by Rob Fairhurst

Track 1 recorded and produced by Joe Oxley at Jaraf House Studios in July 05
Track 2 recorded and produced by Rob Fairhurst at Greenslate Farm in June 05

Thanks to all those who've aided us along the way, including the various musicians collectives and promoters we've worked with. Thanks to the Wollands (esp Ben) for letting us make noise in their basement, giving us lifts and lending us equipment. Finally thanks to Rob and Joe for doing excellent recording jobs with us.