Cradle Of Filth / Malediction ‎– A Pungent And Sexual Miasma

Mortuary Music ‎– MORT 003
Cassette, Promo


A1. taken from 'Orgiastic Pleasures Foul' Demo #2
A2. Live in Ipswich 13/3/92
A3. Live in Reh 3/3/92
A4. taken from 'Invoking The Unclean' Demo #1
A5. Live in Reh 3/3/92
A6. Live in Ipswich 13/3/92
A7. taken from 'Orgiastic Pleasures Foul' Demo #2)
A8. Live in Ipswich 13/3/92
A9. taken from 'Orgiastic Pleasures Foul' Demo #2 (Foul Winds Threaten)

Malediction acknowledges this as an official release.



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April 22, 2009

This is a very, very sought after demo tape that I acquired many years ago from a friend of the band. This demo tells of the Goatia that Danni was going to name an album after. However, people who search of this album for the quality of music that it contains should be warned. This album is raw. It is some of the rawest death metal out there. Yes, death metal, not black metal. This is before, well before, COF's black metal stage. This is pure death metal, complete with death grunts and slow grinding riffs. If this sounds like the stuff you like, then by all means pursue it. If you are a collector, this will be a tough find for you. Not many copies exist. If you can find one, be ready to pay for it, because it will not be cheap.