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Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM




This record was cut on a Bell RC-47 Re-Cord-O-Phone (M.D. 1946) on 26 February from sources including Madeleine singing behind a waterfall, trains, and an argument recorded at the Onorato Meat Market in San Fransico ca. 1945. (Decalibrate phonograph tracking for continuous play)

Each side contains various hand-cut and incomplete grooves.

Edition of 325 copies.



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May 12, 2012
Despite the technojargon which surrounds the 'A' side of this release, what it appears to be, to me at least, is a low tech locked groove 33 rpm 45 which tends to last under a minute in playing time on my vinyl player. This makes reviewing it annoying, and annoyingly simple - it consists of a lot of power-up noise, apparent frequency filtering and human voice, small and meek in the background. Of course it may come across very differently on your record player which in many ways is the unique selling point of this 7".
The 'B' side is even crazier - nice idea to have the grooves only as a crescent on one side of the vinyl, but unless you have a beligerant ancient gramophone or an equally hi-tech descendent, then this is an even more brief and far less satisfying experience.

To achieve this (semi) (non) sound, they use a BELL RC-47 RE-CORD-O-PHONE (from 1946) on which is (apparently) recorded 'Madeleine' singing behind a waterfall, trains and an argument recorded in the Onorato Meat Market, SF.

Not sure if it has screwed my stylus up - I hope not. Nice concept though, and what you do hear - albeit briefly - is intriguing. Not groundbreaking, but a nice Art concept release. Otherwise of dubious appeal.

Originally reviewed for Metamorphic Journeyman.