Crawling With Tarts ‎– Radio 45

ASP ‎– ASP 22
Vinyl, 7"


A1 Cotton Flys
A2 Ground Sifting Wind
B1 Lavender Bobby
B2 The Small House On Top Of A Larger One



Edition of 500 copies.



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May 18, 2012
This EP has no designated 'A' or 'B' side, but I gather "Cotton Flys" to be the 'title' track, as it were. This piece is a song which falls more into the early Eighties Indie music scene-feel (a more soothing, less obvious DELTA 5?, a foundationless AU PAIRS?, a Folk-influenced ALTERED IMAGES?) crossed with a slightly nervous edge, as if at any moment anything could happen. It has a fairly smooth almost Folksy feel to it with traces of Jazz attitude, A nice song, quietly charming with it's female vocalist soothing the hints of quirkiness. "Ground Sifting Wind" has a tight, fused post-Folk poppiness which makes you feel it was possibly recorded in someone's wardrobe. A smooth song, they seem to give as much emphasis to the voice & words as they do the actual music.
What I assume is the 'B' side opens with "Lavender Bobby", a slightly more pacy track than those on the other side - emphasis on tinny acoustic guitar & metally drums with the female vocalist's words soothing over the top. Again a nice 'Old Indie' track - a nice harkening back to days sadly now ploughed under by technological progess. "The Small House On Top Of A Larger One" is the only track here which might be considered in any way 'experimental' with it's odd rhythmic motifs which suggest foreshortened flutes/recorders or something 'squeeky'. A short quirky piece.

On evidence of this EP, CRAWLING WITH TARTS are capable of creating smooth, catchy little alternative pop songs with a warming, calming air to them. While I doubt this will have enough attraction to put it to the top of any music chart, I feel there must be a large audience out there who would be receptive to this music.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.