Cripple Bastards ‎– Punk's Not Music

Upground ‎– UPG # 005
Cassette, Compilation


A1 Intro
A2 September 18th 1993
A3 Padroni
A4 Ragman
A5 Mass Media
A6 Italia Di Merda - Interlude
A7 Intelligence Means
A8 Bane
A9 War Spoils
A10 More Frustations
A11 Authority?
A12 0:01
A13 Asti Punx
A14 Bore '91
A15 September 18th 1993 - Interlude
A16 Prisons
A17 Radije Volim
A18 Far From My Best Friends
A19 War Spoils
A20 Progress On Dead Masses
A21 Too Rich To Live
A22 Miniaturized Eden
A23 Useful / Useless
A24 Italia Di Merda
A25 War Spoils
A26 What I Thought
A27 Whitout A Shadow Of Justice
A28 Self-Justice Punx
A29 Prisons
A30 Asti Punx
A31 September 18th 1993
A32 Authority?
A33 0:01
A34 Peasants
A35 Bore '91
A36 Bane
A37 Asti Punx
A38 S.L.U.T.S. Interlude
A39 Stimmung (Early Version)
A40 What I Thought
A41 Ragman
A42 Disagreeable Selections
A43 What I Thought - Interlude
B1 Intro
B2 Prospective Limitate
B3 Danas Je Dan Za Lijencine
B4 Sexual Hysteria
B5 September 18th 1993
B6 Prejudice & Walls
B7 Milicija Die!!
B8 September 18th 1993
B9 Nothing On Earth
B10 Self-Justice Punx
B11 Dealing With A Pressing Problem
B12 Italia Di Merda
B13 Bane
B14 What I Thought
B15 Mass Media
B16 Ratings
B17 Images Of War, Images Of Pain
B18 Padroni
B19 War Spoils - Interlude
B20 Debilana
B21 Najduza Stvar
B22 Ich Gehe Zur Schule
B23 Pastete
B24 Disagreeable Selections (C.B.) - Interlude
B25 S.L.U.T.S.
B26 Vital Dreams
B27 Frightened / Neglected
B28 Without A Shadow Of Justice - Interlude
B29 Spero Venga La Guerra
B30 Bane
B31 Troia
B32 Far From My Best Friends
B33 Useful / Useless
B34 Prisons
B35 War Spoils - Interlude


Songs since 1992 to 1995.

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