Cruel Face (3) ‎– Eu Amo Desgraça... Por Isso Adoro Muito Tudo Isto!

Cassette, Album, Reissue

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A1 Metrópole
A2 Repetição/Exaustão
A3 I Buy Your Freedom
A4 Pedaços
A5 Desgraça Patrocinada
A6 Liberdade Ou Escravidão
A7 Supere Seu Adversário
A8 Convivência
A9 Our Hate For Racists
A10 An Insane Will
A11 Purification
A12 Comemorar O Quê ?
A13 Produza, Não Questione
A14 What Freedom ?
A15 Hate
A16 Sick Of Stupidity
A17 Industry Of Life
A18 Vidrado
A19 Consume
A20 Led To The Slaughter
Written-By – The Varukers
A21 Crianças Sem Futuro
Written-By – Ratos De Porão
A22 Epidemic
Written-By – Slayer
A23 Natural Born Ear Massacra
A24 Terrified
A25 Slave Workers Life
A26 Terrified
A27 Lack Of Racionality
B1 Murder Child
B2 We're Replaced Gears
B3 Change Justice
B4 Meanings
B5 Vanity Shit
B6 Police: Who Needs It ?
B7 Justice Fate
B8 Slave Workers Life
B9 You've Lost...
B10 You're In A Play
B11 Guerrilha
Written-By – Dorsal Atlântica
B12 Selfish Attitudes
B13 Destroy To Re-Create
B14 Price Too High
B15 What's Worth
B16 Still Blind
B17 Natural Born Ear Massacra
B18 Victim Generation
B19 Absurdities
B20 Lack Of Inteligence
Written-By – Disrupt
B21 Who Owns You?
B22 Living Dead
B23 The Ruinner
Written-By – Ação Direta
B24 A Fraud Of A Million Years
B25 Torture Supported By Law
B26 Black Sky
B27 Ciclo Vicioso
Written-By – Ação Direta
B28 Life View
B29 We, Opressing Ourselves
B30 Technologic Error
Written-By – Rot
B31 System In A System
B32 Hopeless
Written-By – Dropdead