Ctephin ‎– Erinyes

Tada Recordings ‎– TR007
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1 Megaera 7:53
2 Alecto 7:52
3 Tisiphone 14:11


From the artwork:
"In their orginal and best remembered form the Erinyes are among the most fearsome products of the Greek imagination.They are the avengers, three loathsome and implacable female beings, fulfillers of curses and especially of curses called down upon those who murder their elder kith and kin.
Born from blood, roused from hell by the shedding of blood, they are satisfied only by the blood of their quarry.
In the dreadful beginnings of the gods, Uranus, lord of the sky, fathered the Titans upon Gaia, the earth. Uranus was afraid of his children and hid them away in the body of their mother. At length she could bear it no longer and persuaded Cronus, her youngest son, to attack her husband. Cronus took a sickle and castrated his father, and when the blood from Uranus's genitals fell upon the earth, his wife, she conceived and bore the Erinyes.
It seems strange that they, whose chief task was to hunt down the betrayers of blood kinship, should themselves have been born of their father's blood, shed by their brother.
But they came into being out of an act of revenge that was done in defence of their mother; and it is the rights of mothers, even when they are unjust, that they uphold with particular ferocity.
The ancient authors describe the Erinyes with relish. They are horrifying in appearance and they stink. With snakes in their hair, they brandish torches and metal studded whips. They bark like bitches, virgin hell-hounds.
They have suitably ominous names : Alecto "the endless", Tisiphone "the retaliator", Megaera "the envious rager".
Although their main duty was to avenge those murdered by their kin, they also took it upon themselves to right the established order in other ways."