Cultus Sabbati ‎– Garden Of Forking Ways

Rococo Records ‎– RCC0052
Vinyl, LP, Blood Red Vinyl


Limited edition 333 pressing.

Blood Red Vinyl

4 color Silk Screened grey cover on dark red cardstock.

Includes 11x11 inch cardstock insert titled "Ritual of the Salamander"


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June 13, 2016
edited over 2 years ago

So fucking enthralling, maddening, blackened, underworld drone cut adrift in the river styx by an unrepentant Charon. The Locrian comparisons are kind of apt, but this has a much more sinister, guttural, moaning, humming horror to it. I am always baffled by releases like this that seem to garner almost no attention when they are significantly better than most of the insipid drivel passed off as dark drone. This is like Aelter descending into hell, or the aural interpretation of being hit by a car and lying bleeding on the side of the road in a state of calmly terrifying suspended existence listening to traffic pass by as you die, or maybe plugging your ears and listening to the first Throbbing Gristle LP being played full blast on a stereo buried underground...which is great. Soon to be a lost Stygian-drone classic, buy it now while it's cheaper than the cost of a falafel wrap with extra tahini.