CxTxD / Agathocles ‎– Mincecore Consumers

Cassette, Album


Side CxTxD
A1 CxTxD Noisegrind For Noise's Sake
A2 CxTxD Keep Musicians Out Of HC Punk/We Are Scum
A3 CxTxD Making Grindcore Punkish Again
A4 CxTxD I Hate You
A5 CxTxD Daily Life's Misery
A6 CxTxD Fifa Verrecke!
A7 CxTxD Fuck You And Your Metal Riffs
A8 CxTxD Hair-core-less (Tribute To S.K.S.S.)
A9 CxTxD More Noise - Less Solo
A10 CxTxD Make Noise, Not War!
A11 CxTxD Endless Vortex
A12 CxTxD Consumed To Death
A13 CxTxD Noise Builds Character
A14 CxTxD You Suffer (Napalm Death Tribute)
A15 CxTxD Good Night Human Pride!
A16 CxTxD Modern War Mongers
A17 CxTxD Capitalism Culture
A18 CxTxD Infinite Negativity
A19 CxTxD Cannapiss
A20 CxTxD Job Depression
A21 CxTxD Hey Agathocles/Flex The Tax
Side Agathocles
B1 Agathocles Necessity
B2 Agathocles Christianity Means Tyranny
B3 Agathocles Until It Bleeds
B4 Agathocles Tension
B5 Agathocles Carved Face Fashion
B6 Agathocles Arbeit Macht Krank
B7 Agathocles Not A Bit
B8 Agathocles Razor Sharp Daggers
B9 Agathocles Axe The Tax
B10 Agathocles Mutilated Regurgitator
B11 Agathocles Lay Off Me
B12 Agathocles Only Friction
B13 Agathocles Splattered Brains
B14 Agathocles A Start At Least
B15 Agathocles Liberal Cancer
B16 Agathocles Chronic Death
B17 Agathocles Matadores Del Libertad
B18 Agathocles A For Arrogance
B19 Agathocles Big Flat Cages
B20 Agathocles Bang Bang
B21 Agathocles Religious Fucking Dope
B22 Agathocles Hear More
B23 Agathocles Porcelain A
B24 Agathocles Contradiction
B25 Agathocles O.S.L.
B26 Agathocles Who Cares?
B27 Agathocles Well Of Happiness
B28 Agathocles Muchas Servezas En Arica


Hand numbered cassettes out of 100. Comes with a CxTxD sticker.
Side CxTxD recorded on 06.15.2016
Side Agathocles was recorded on 07.11.07 in Arica, Chile.