Cymphonic ‎– Dimensionata

Databloem ‎– DB046-2012
CD, Album


1 Hibernation 3:47
2 Primavera 4:52
3 Ascension 6:28
4 Weaving 7:07
5 The Hill 3:13
6 Alignment Of Realities 5:07
7 Lake Vostok 7:15
8 Dancing In Purple Light 5:00
9 Siberian Summer 5:38
10 Panorama 14:14
11 P139 4:28




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June 16, 2013
edited over 7 years ago

Cymphonic "Dimensionata" CD

After son & father collaboration on "Post Mortem Investigations", the Dutchman Stanley Swinkels comes back with fresh work, repeatedly released under the wings of Databloem label (April 2013). Again with some guidance by his father, Vintage H, on three tracks (1,2 & 4), "Dimensionata", the 4th album by Cymphonic, immediately hooks my attention by its eye-catching cover design by Theo Rabou, who does constantly stunning job with each Databloem's artwork.

"Hibernation" leads the album with humming drones gliding through mesmerizing moon halo, joined by variety of softly emerging collages, both pleasant and strange, assorted field recordings (animal calls, gently running water...) and some voice oddities. Precisely fitting track title!!! "Primavera" reveals with repeated female voices, crystalline string magic and warmly sweeping nocturnal ambience and water sounds. Male spoken samples add quite a bit mystery to the overall surface, there is always attached some kind of singular tension interweaving with environmental tranquilizers. Cymphonic's hallmark soundsculpting reaches certainly here its first peak, absolutely awesome journey!!! Shimmering cyber grooves with sharply radiating electro pulses invade "Ascension" for purely high-tech sonic escapade, later guided by female voices into cascades of quietly, nearly meditative passages with slightly exotic flavor counterpointed with vibrant, razor-sharp high-tech sparkles. "Weaving" relieves with serene, dreamscaping washes and sacred choirs. Other voice samples join the stage along with futuristic aerials and breaths, before waning with exotic scent. Everything in this composition is masterfully sculpted into one, homogeneously shaped texture generating deeply immersing mindscapes during your late-night travels. Shorter "The Hill" is more harsher and cacophonously dissonant. "Alignment Of Realities" opens with monochromatic drone and weirdly circling disruptions, outbursts and rumbles. Ghostly voices step in here and there. A truly peculiar, dark and hypnotic soundscape with amazing juxtaposition between modern and primordial!!! A journey to subglacial "Lake Vostok" is provided by eerie and mysterious dronescapades, ear-splitting atmosfears and phantasmal voice samples. Towards the end the texture devolves into more calmer terrains, relieving the tension and earthy field recordings with cinematic piano motifs supply elixir for your ears. The next piece, "Dancing In Purple Light", features chill-out cyber pulses, surrounded by murmuring drifts and distant, bizarre voice samples and celestial choirs. Uplifting electro melodies steal the center stage during the second half and produce stunningly dreamy, yet strongly stimulating spirits. "Siberian Summer" delves deeply into subconsciously colored realms with its virtuously amalgamated contemplativeness and ambiguousness. Another magnificent ride to the frontiers of mind-blowing experiences!!! "Panorama", with 14-plus minutes the longest composition on "Dimensionata", initiates with soothingly mesmerizing natural sounds and intensely evocative synth vistas, serenely transferring through richly fragranced elevations, from more nostalgia-infused bright stillness to slightly darker and mysteriously percolating, intoxicating scenarios with few modern classical elements and stringed tenseness thrown in. But always continuously bonded by that wide-screen warmth. An ultimate sonic opium!!! "P139" keeps sublime environmentals, aerials and exotic strings from previous cut and mingles them with angelic choirs, tender whisperings and occasional disruptions. Nice outro!!!

No questions here, Stanley Swinkels had fashioned here another extraordinary album, although quite multifaceted, always strongly consistent, where each composition safely holds unmistakable signature that is only Cymphonic. And that's what always really counts about this Dutchman!!! "Dimensionata" is your key to explore spectacularly breathtaking hallucinogenic sceneries, enter now the soundworlds of Cymphonic!!!

Richard Gürtler (Jun 16, 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia)