Dűvő Együttes* ‎– Dűvő 1 - Magyar Népzene

Periferic Records ‎– BGMK 020
Cassette, Album


A1 Nyitány / Overture (Bagpipe Songs From Somogy country) 5:52
A2 Vasvári Verbunk és Csárdás / Recruiting Music & Csardas 4:08
A3 Elég Volt A Becsületből / No More Honour 5:31
A4 Purtáta / Purtáta 2:32
A5 Magyar Szóló És Friss / Hungarian Solo And Fast 3:53
A6 Elfelejtett Dallamok / Forgotten Tunes 4:54
B1 Feljött A Nap / The Sun Has Risen 5:42
B2 Menet / March 3:44
B3 Karácsonyi Kántálás / Chanting At Christmas 5:30
B4 A Zenészeké / The Musicians 4:23
B5 Moldvai Csángó Dallamok / Csángó Tunes From Moldavia 5:23



Dűvő Folk Music Ensemble : The ensemble plays Hungarian folk music first and foremost in a traditional style. It has played as an independent orchestra in concerts since 1981. Its repertoire contains all kinds of music of ethnic groups in the Carpatihan basin. They can play some interesting and rare musical instruments in their programme. These rare musical instruments include the bagpipe, the reeling lute, the dulcimer, the pasoral flute etc. The members of of the ensemble also collect folk music and they deal with taching. The ensemble has taken part in many important Hungarian Festival. They have visited many countries e.g.: Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, Turkey, Finland, Greece, Austria, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany, USA, Maxico. The orchestra has won one of the most important prizes alled "The Young Masters of Popular Arts" in1983. In 1989 they were awarded the title "Excellenet Ensemble".