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I Know What You Want
Hot on the heels of Deladaps well recieved maxi-single „Gipsy Kicks“ comes „I Know What You Want“, the eagerly awaited fourth album by this Viennese sound-lab (and impressive live-force!) envisioned and put on the tracks by Dj and Producer Stani Vana back in 2004.

Deladap was never – and will never be! – one of those acts that once establishes a successful musical formula and then runs with it, in the process endlessly repeating themselves. From the beginning of their quest to mix Roma music and contemporary club- and electronic sounds their music always and steadily evolved. Along the way Deladap were always broadening their artistic grip on both – traditional elements from a wide range of backgrounds as well as on the freshest exploits of urban-music and dance-culture.

With Deladap there is always fresh-eared musical curiosity and constant exchange. Between the frenzy and the heated dance-fests of their live-work, where they celebrate the moment with their audience (ignoring any given notions or definitions of „liveband vs dj-set“ …) and the long hours in the studio, where in extensive sessions top-notch recording technology is used to get closer to the soul of the Deladap sound. Where inspired performances coming from a wide pool of gifted musicians drifting trough or working in the city of vienna might shine a light on yet another exciting musical path waiting for Vana & Co to explore ...

This spirit and approach led to „I Know What You Want“ with its 13 tracks, easily the most fully realised work by !DELA DAP so far. Incorporating the three tracks from „Gipsy Kicks“ this album has travelled even further, the musical logic (and magic!) that informs these songs comes in yet again more irrestistible forms. One key element being the astonishing and sensual vocal performances by Melinda Stoika, her singing and lyrics rich with the self-confidence and complex sensibilies of a woman with Roma background living and ejoying her life as a modern day world-citizen in the heart of ever-changing europe.

One of the strongest songs here might be called „Crazy Swing“ – and yes, it swings like crazy! – but what Deladap deliver with this album is essentially pop-music in their very own musical dialect that effortlessly – when listening or dancing to it! – transcends the definitions of „worldmusic“, „dance-track“ or „pop-song“ without missing a beat a or a vocal-line to sing along to.

„I Know What You Want“ is a bold statement to make, but, hey!, Deladap might just know what you – or „we“ for that matter – want. An exciting soundtrack to dance to, an almost „immoral“ activity in these days and ages, as it very likely won´t get you any material reward, just that vague, joyful feeling of simply being alive. Songs that catch your ear as they let you know it´s perfectly okay to „waste“ your time, to take and ride their sound-ways and –waves as you dig deep into your own emotions, let them for once rule your every step or „mis-step“, without ever fearing the consequences or the lack of material gain such „crazy“ behaviour will bring. A wonderful and liberating sound drowning out the every-day-hum and making most of our daily routines and worries seem as unreal as they actually are.

„I Know What You Want“ is that kind of album and it has plenty of such songs.
Me, I want that urgently!

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