DELADAP ‎– This Is Deladap

Chat Chapeau Nouveau ‎– CRR 038-2
CD, Album, Stereo


Moving beyond their 10th anniversary, DELADAP and mastermind Stani Vana approach their second decade as an musical unit as energetic and enthusiastic as ever. Firing on all cylinders Vana, ever the curios and positively restless music-scientist digs deeper and deeper into sound. Made up of a real dream-team of players (Yola B und Gianna Charles - Vocals, Alfredo Garcia Navas - Guitar, Chris - Trumpet, Matl - Drums) DELADAP always deliver, as shit-hot live act and as exciting recording artists.

Only recently DELADAP released „Skyrocket“, following six albums, several singles and extended mixes, as well as countless gigs all around the globe. Buzzing with the life-affirming musical energy that made 2014´s anniversary gigs so special „Skyrocket“ is driven by the „swinging beat(s)“ that already became a trademark of DELADAP´s sound. An irresistible tribute to the golden age of „discoSongs“, you can dance to it and sing along, while grooving in the here and now, moved by the sensual thrill the song shares with all great pop-music.

„This ain´t gypsy music“ recently a visitor of a DELADAP show noted. „Yes!“, Stani Vana couldn´t have agreed more. Because it´s simply not meant to be! 10 years ago, the beauty and emotional intensity of gypsy music opened up and enriched the already ongoing creative process of the group, arriving at an unique sound that also touched on club-, dance- and electronica-elements. Moving further on DELADAP then incoperated more and more instruments and styles as the raw materials of their vision. Defining a style all of their own,
pleasing a growing number of fans on stage, while their releases were „rocking“ happy party-people in the hotter clubs of this planet.

In 2015 DELADAP see and handle themselves as a popband, joyfully willing to entertain and touch on the mainstream with intact musical ambitions. DELADAP works in many settings –
radio sure being one of them – while holding on to the common thread that runs through their music: