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December 18, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
The Israeli psytrance label Com.Pact Records is back with a new compilation. This time it is compiled by dj Bog, who gives us ten full on tracks.

First out is a new track by the upcoming duo called Indica (Victor Ezcurdia and Luca Szokely). They give us a groovy full on trance track, with nice floating, melodic vibes and a few voice samples. Morning trance for the full on lovers. Track 2 is a collaboration between Sesto Sento and Lish, both well known in the Israeli psytrance scene. This compilation is not mixed, but the tracks glides into each other. This track is not as fluffy as the majority of tracks on the latest Sesto Sento album The Bright Side, released on Com.Pact. A stumping full on track, with massive bass line and light morning melodies. Track 3 is by Ultravoice (Avi Levi) who released his debut album (Magic Sound Factory) on Com.Pact. He gives us a totally groovy, massive, full on bass line, and pretty fluffy morning melodies, without falling too much over on the cheesy side. One of my favourite tracks on this compilation. Track 4 is by Bizzare Contact (Didi Ezra and Kfir Lankry), who released their debut album (Plastic Fantastic) on Com.Pact. Here we get full on to the bone. Massive, banging beats and more full on, aggressive sounds. Track 5 is a collaboration between Visual Paradox and a someone called Elik. Visual Paradox released an album (All You Can Beat) on Com.Pact, and Elik seems to be a new artist. This track starts nice and relaxing with some light sounds, before we get thrown into the giant, rolling, full on bass line. This track is a bit darker, and you even get a guitar sample in there.

Track 6 is by a new artist called Apocalypse (Itai Yona). This one starts nice and floating. The bass line we get here is really groovy and it sort of builds up all the way through. The melody we get here sounds quite happy. Melodic full on for the morning. Track 7 is by Uriel (Uriel Ginsburg). Uriel is the solo project of one half of Visual Paradox. This is the darkest track on this album. A stumpy, rough bass line, perfect for the night. The sounds we get here are also darker and more metallic. Track 8 is also by a new artist called Quatica (Asi and Shauli). They takes us back to a much more clubby sound. Very fluffy sounds and a happy vibe, but still full on. Personally, I think this one is a bit too clubby for my taste, but I think they have potential to do it big in Israel with this sound. Track 9 is another collaboration with Sesto Sento involved, this time between Sesto Sento and someone called Paradigma. They continue the clubby sound. Very melodic full on, but the melodies doesn’t sound too cheesy all the way. One of the melodies we get in this one sounds actually really cool. You also get some aggressive voice samples in there. The last track dj Bog gives us on this compilation is a track originally made by Swedish Vibrasphere (Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster), but here we get a remix done by Lish (Lior Maimon and Shay Tayeb). It still sounds quite progressive, but in a more full on way. A pumping, drifting track, with a nice floating vibe.

Com.Pact Records delivers another compilation full of typical Israeli morning trance.