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Observation 1 7:21
Observation 2 7:53
Observation 3 6:17
Observation 4 7:16
Observation 5 7:02
Observation 6 8:39
Observation 7 7:00


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November 27, 2011
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First it grabs you as if youre on a different planet, pressurized to the point that u cant breath, with an un-earthly atmosphere it goes round in unknown (life?)forms.
And then theres someone able to breath, his surrounding is filled with something rather refreshing still remininiscent of alternate environment outside. The gases effect has played its part and he starts to fall asleep not knowing it himself.
The dream is a combination of darkness and lights, illuminating, flashing, flickering, fading.
The true solace of the future has now filled his mind: interaction with the unknown happens.
He wakes up willing to spread the message recieved. Sending signals all over space which appears to be the same as in the beggining although with a clearer perspective now.
The outside dictates its own rules though. No signal escaped the distorting effect of gravitational forces...
At least that knowledge has some reflection in real life. That he's bringing on to surface...