DJ Godfather ‎– Da Bomb Volume 2

Databass Records ‎– DBCD 00B
Da Bomb – Volume 2
CD, Mixed

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1 Unknown Artist Intro
2 DJ Godfather Pump (97' Remix)
3 DJ Deeon Freaks
4 Sole Tech Back To The Future
5 DJ Deeon Who U Wit?
6 Drexciya Aquatic Bata Particles
7 DJ Godfather Get Yo Jit On
8 DBX (2) And There Ain't
9 DJ Deeon Boody Mover
10 Jammin G* & Dj Chip Hold Up
11 Posatronix Shake It
12 Aaliyah One In A Million (Wolf-D's Big Bass Mix)
Remix – Wolf-D
13 DJ Magic Mike Work It Out
14 DJ Deeon Point Em Out
15 DJ Godfather & Big Daddy Rick Beyond The Inferno
16 DJ Godfather & Big Daddy Rick Round & Round
17 Laurent Garnier Crispy Bacon (Aux 88 Mix)
Remix – Aux 88
18 Luke Let's Ride
19 DJ Godfather Bounce Shorty, Bounce
20 12 Tech Mob Ride
21 Aux 88 My Aux Mind
22 Play Skule* Touch Dem Toez
23 D.E.O. Electro Teck
24 DJ Nehpets Na Na Na
25 Sole Tech Techbeat Comin'
26 Goon Sqwad Feat. 7 Mile Dogz Everywhere We Go
27 B-Rock & The Bizz My Baby Daddy
28 I.O.S. Boom Pop Bang
29 DJ Funk Dik Work
30 Digitek Digital Communications
31 Big Freek Dick-N-Ballz (Remix)
32 Electric Soul Come On Baby
33 Waxmaster* Footwork
34 Unknown Artist Shake It
35 DJ Godfather Pimp Of The Nation
36 DJ Deeon Freaky
37 Unknown Artist Communication
38 DJ Slugo Smoke-N-Ride
39 DJ Smurf (2) All Hoez Suck Dick
40 DJ Godfather & Big Daddy Rick Roll It, Ryde It, Shake It
41 DJ Omega Bounce Dat Ass
42 The 2 Live Crew Do The Damn Thing
43 Low End Theory Suck It
44 DJ Godfather & DJ Nasty Where Dem Hoes At?
45 DJ Slugo Slugmere
46 Unknown Artist Uhh-Ohh (Remix)
47 DJ Godfather & DJ Nasty Slang Dat Butt
48 Aux 88 Godfather Get Busy
49 DJ Slugo Drum 2 Drum
50 DJ Godfather Whatchulookinat??
51 Armand Van Helden Funk Phenomena
52 DJ Funk Freaky Style
53 Luke It's Your Birthday
54 Bass Patrol Fire It Up
55 Wax Master Maurice Wax Scratch
56 Freak Nasty Da Dip
57 Ginuwine Pony (Bass Mix)
58 DJ Funk Xtc
59 DJ Uncle Al Featuring The Two Dominicanos Menalo
60 Unknown Artist Future Shock
61 Unknown Artist Hip Hop Intro
62 Notorious B.I.G. Mo Money, Mo Problems
63 Notorious B.I.G. Hypnotize
64 SWV Feat. Snoop Dogg Gettin' Funky
65 Jay-Z Who You Wit?
66 Wu-Tang Clan Triumph
67 Lil' Kim Crush On You
68 Refugee Camp All Stars Tryin' To Stay Alive
69 Lady Of Rage* Sho Shot
70 Redman Pick It Up
71 Nas Nas Freestyle
72 Nas Escabar
73 Scarface (3) Smile
74 Unknown Artist Outro



Artists are not credited on the sleeve.

Track 2 titled as "Pump 97"
Track 3 titled as "Uhh-Ohh-Work It, Work It"
Track 4 titled as "Back From The Future"
Track 6 titled as "Aquatic Beta Particles"
Track 9 titled as "Yo Booty Must Be Dead"
Track 10 titled as "Hold Up, Wait A Minute"
Track 11 titled as "Posatronix"
Track 12 titled as "One In A Million (Bass Mix)"
Track 14 titled as "Point Em'Out"
Track 16 titled as "Round & Round U Go"
Track 17 titled as "Crispy Bacon"
Track 23 titled as "Electotek"
Track 24 titled as "The Funk Child"
Track 31 titled as "Dick-N-Ballz"
Track 36 titled as "Freaky Freaky"
Track 44 titled as "Where Dem Hoez At?"
Track 50 titled as "What U Lookin' At?"
Track 51 titled as "Funk Phenomenon"