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1 Dead Kennedys Short Songs
2 Beastie Boys Tough Guy
3 Goblin Motorbike Escape, M23
4 Madvillain Supervillian Theme (Inst.)
5 Les Sinners Funerailles D’un Wa Wa Rond
6 Flying Lotus Auntie’s Harp
7 Alan French Punaisarium 1
8 Moondog (2) Be A Hobo
9 Minutemen Hittin’ The Bong
10 The Magnetic Fields Boa Constrictor
11 Gong Givin My Luv To You
12 Van Halen Spanish Fly
13 Boards Of Canada Ready Lets Go
14 Liars Why Midnight Walked But Didn’t Ring Her Bell
15 Barry Gray Unreferenced Comedic Music Track
16 De La Soul A Little Bit Of Soap
17 Quincy Jones The Streetbeater (Theme From ‘Sanford And Son’)
18 The Fugs Life Is Funny
19 Descendents I Wanna Be A Bear
20 Minor Threat Straight Edge
21 Black Sabbath Embryo
22 The Leo Hassler Synthesizer Drama In Space
23 Bootsy's Rubber Band Preview Side Too
24 My Bloody Valentine Touched
25 Japanther Intro
26 John Saunders Siren
27 Animal Collective College
28 Jesse Fuller Lining Up The Tracks
29 Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band [Untitled 14]
30 Red Hot Chili Peppers Lovin’ And Touchin’
31 Shelley Palmer & Linda November Meow Meow Meow Meow (Meow Mix Cat Food Commercial)
32 The Residents La La
33 Michael Pinsonneault Fanfare On Parade
34 Mark Mothersbaugh Middle Zealand
35 23 Skidoo Lock Groove
36 Sonic Youth Scooter And Jinx
37 Black Flag Spray Paint The Walls
38 Germs What We Do Is Secret
39 DNA (4) Forgery
40 Public Enemy Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Damned
41 Lootpack Stylewild
42 Galaxy (27) Jupiter
43 Throbbing Gristle Death Threats
44 Pink Floyd Goodbye Cruel World
45 Raymond Scott In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen
46 Daphne Oram Anchor Butte
47 Arthur Russell Tone Bone Kone
48 Can Pnoom
49 Aphex Twin Fz Pseudotimestretch+e+3
50 The Beach Boys I’m In Great Shape
51 Ennio Morricone Le Grand Et Le Petit
52 J Dilla Light My Fire
53 DJ Shadow Why Hip Hop Sucks In ’96
54 DJ Vadim Melodies In Hinge Creek (Light My Fire)
55 Beck Untitled
56 Stiff Little Fingers Here We Are Nowhere
57 Deja Voodoo (3) Big Ending!
58 John Baker Festival Time
59 They Might Be Giants Sleep
60 The Mothers Of Invention* Sleeping In A Jar
61 Sufjan Stevens A Short Reprise For Mary Todd, Who Went Insane, But For Very Good Reasons



Originally released on DJ Luv's Records' website on April 24, 2016, as luv306.


TDK AR90 1997 TAPE