DJ Mutante ‎– Violence Et Intimidation

Quebecore Records ‎– Qcoredgtalsped - -78
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1 Violence Et Intimidation 8:46
2 Révolte Remix 2012 5:49



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June 21, 2012
Hi there!

Thanks for downloading and spreading these tracks.
For some of you who are familiar with my releases, you will recognize the track "Révolte" wich appreared on the label Taser a couple of years ago.
Some of you wont get what it is about coz its in french.
The samples are old anarchists songs i like.

I decided to spread it with the other freebie to make a statement about not being a partisan of any sort of political party.
And here's why : the other track called "violence and intimidation" is about whats going on im my country ( canada ) at the moment.

For almost 4 months, much like when the people of Quebec fought proudly for free education in the 60's and 70's, there have been nightly demonstrations and the student federations here have been on strike in protest against the government's recently proposed university tuition hike of 75%.

The liberal government ( more specifically, the Quebec prime minister Jean Charest ) refused to negotiate. In addition, he ridiculed the students at a conference about Plan Nord, a massive plan to exploit Northern Quebec's natural resources and aboriginal lands, pillaging and polluting, under the pretense of economic development, by flippantly offering the protesters jobs in the North "As far (North) as possible".

Of course, most of the protests have been peacefull but that didnt stop the onslaught of police brutality ( a student lost an eye from a rubber bullet for example ) wich was condemend by Amnesty International and the UN aswell.

After Education Minister, Line Beauchamp quit under the pressure of the demonstrations, Charest passed Bill 78, a rather dangerous law limiting the people's freedom of speech and demonstration at the discretion of the police, who have made over 3,000 arrests since march 2012.

Instead of calming things, this triggered even more people take to the streets in support of the students and/or to protest the new Bill, in addition to voicing their opposition against the liberal party in general.

The government, with the help of the mass media, have now made the infamous red square, representing the support of the students strike, into a symbol violence and intimidation.

So heres my answer to them and their stupid mass media monkeys :)