DJ Rectangle ‎– DJ Rectangle's Ultimate Breaks Box

Ground Control Records ‎– GCR7042-1
10 × Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Box Set


Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 1
1-A1 Atomic Samples And Stabs
1-A2 Battle The Bridge Break
1-A3 Southpark Shaolin Samples
1-A4 Scratch-A-Tonic Zone
1-A5 Don't Stop Scratches
1-A6 Funky Freaknik Beats
1-A7 Scratch-Fire Tone
1-B1 Get Tricky Scratches
1-B2 Apache Attacks
1-B3 New Technic Samples
1-B4 Dirty Rotten Skills
1-B5 Dangerous Cuts
1-B6 Tight-Tacular Beats
1-B7 Who's The Best Samples
1-B8 Wolf Whistle Tone
2-C1 Tuff Samples And Stabs
2-C2 Cybotron With Bass Break
2-C3 I'm Still Better Scratches
2-C4 Classic Battle Bts Pt. 1
2-C5 You're A Fighter Cuts
2-C6 Yeah Tone
2-D1 Instant Death Samples
2-D2 Training Break 1
2-D3 Training Break 2
2-D4 Cool Stabs
2-D5 Classic Scratch Break
2-D6 Everlasting Freshness
Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 2
3-A1 Incredible Stabs And Samples
3-A2 Bone Krushing Break
3-A3 Ren & Stimpy Samples
3-A4 Sit Down Break
3-A5 Battle Of The Century Samples
3-A6 Going Back Tone
3-B1 Training Break 3
3-B2 Extreme Danger Scratches
3-B3 Battle The Planet Break
3-B4 Kut Creator Samples
3-B5 Number One Enemy Beat
3-B6 Jerry Springer Disses
3-B7 Stoopid Def Tone
4-C1 More Effective Kuts
4-C2 Scratch Kingdom Beat
4-C3 What Is A DJ Samples
4-C4 Classic Battle Beats Pt. II
4-C5 Video Game Stabs & Scratches
4-C6 Whoo's Haaa Tone
4-D1 Proove Yourself Scratches
4-D2 Dangerous Drummer Break
4-D3 One Arm Samples
4-D4 Jam Faster Beats
4-D5 Ultra Time Kut
4-D6 Let's Get It On Samples
4-D7 Magnetic Greatness
4-D8 Space Invasion Tone
Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 3
5-A1 Mr. Hankey Kuts
5-A2 Sonic Scratch Beat
5-A3 Reversible Sweater Scratches
5-A4 Dangerous Battle Break
5-A5 Better Fight Samples
5-A6 Classic Battle Beats Pt. III
5-A7 Unskippable Scratches
5-B1 Unbeatable Scratches
5-B2 Krazy Battle Beat
5-B3 Enemy Stabs & Samples
5-B4 Ultimate Juggler Break
5-B5 Yo Mama Kuts & Skratches
5-B6 Funky Scratch Battle Beat
5-B7 Unskippable Stabs
6-C1 Challenging Stabs & Scratches
6-C2 Training Break 4
6-C3 Powerful Kuts
6-C4 Sexy Battle Beat
6-C5 Top Assassin Scratches
6-C6 Screamer Tone
6-D1 Hard Fighting Samples
6-D2 Break Dancer Break
6-D3 Insane Technic Scratches
6-D4 Pay'n More Dues Break
6-D5 Super Stab Tone
Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 4
7-A1 Long & Uncut Scratches
7-A2 Swatmatic Juggling Break
7-A3 Secret Technic Scratches
7-A4 Listen To Dis Bass Beat
7-A5 Sonic Scratch Tone
7-B1 Well Trained Cuts & Scratches
7-B2 Suka Battle Break
7-B3 Stab Scratches
7-B4 Bronx Battle Beat
7-B5 Pistol Whipped Cream Beats
7-B6 Only One Technic Tone
8-C1 Best Fighter Scratches
8-C2 Critical Beat Down Beat
8-C3 Speak 'N' Spell Cuts
8-C4 Frequency Attack Tone
8-C5 Deadly Technic Cuts & Scratches
8-C6 Training Break IV
8-C7 Bitch Please Tone
8-D1 You Need Practice Samples
8-D2 I'm Taking You Out Break
8-D3 Insane Trick Scratches
8-D4 Burning Battle Beats
8-D5 Classic Battle Beats Pt IV
8-D6 Understand This Style Scratches
8-D7 The Automatic Crab Scratch (Just Add Water)
Best Of DJ Rectangle (Greatest Battle Breaks)
9-A1 More Effective Cuts And Scratches
9-A2 High Powered Training Break
9-A3 Master Skill Samples
9-A4 Never Get Whipped Classic Battle Breaks
9-A5 Extreeme Disses
9-A6 A Tons Of Battle Break
9-A7 Unskippable Breakdown Scratch
9-B1 On A Stick Scratches
9-B2 King Battle Break
9-B3 Vengeance Cuts And Scratches
9-B4 Funky Battle Beats
9-B5 Hummin' Out Tone
10-C1 Monster Power Scratches
10-C2 Training Break 5 1/2
10-C3 36 Chamber Trick Scratches
10-C4 Use Your Strength Classic Battle Break
10-C5 New Style Cuts And Scratches
10-C6 Sharp Needle Break
10-C7 Prepare Transformer Tone
10-D1 Stupid Strange Scratch Intro
10-D2 Mixmaster Fiend Break
10-D3 Warning Samples And Cuts
10-D4 Go Off Scratchin Break
10-D5 Different Technique Scratches
10-D6 DJ Name Game Cuts
10-D7 Fresh Classic Tone

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DJ Rectangles Ultimate Breaks Box:

Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 1
Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 2
Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 3
Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 4

Plus the previously unreleased "Best Of DJ Rectangle" 2LP!

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 6 5965-77042-1 4
  • Barcode: 659657704214
  • Other (Cat# Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 1): GCR 7004-1
  • Other (Cat# Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 2): GCR 7007-1
  • Other (Cat# Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 3): GCR 7012-1
  • Other (Cat# Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 4): GCR 7021-1
  • Other (Cat# Best Of DJ Rectangle (Greatest Battle Breaks)): GCR 7043-1

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June 25, 2011
Can you tell me what this product is worth in near mint condition?